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Medieval residential Museum Humpishaus in Ravensburg, southern Germany

Dive deep into the long history of the city of Ravensburg, and experience a public museum in a former medieval residential house in Museum Humpishaus. Situated in “one of the best-preserved late medieval residential quarters in southern Germany, which also houses the cultural history museum of the city of Ravensburg. This specific house has been “built up from 1383 by one of the leading families of Ravensburg’s rich trading metropolis: the patrician Humpis family, who provided numerous mayors and led the Great Trading Company from 1380 to 1525, which contributed decisively to the economic upswing of the city through international long-distance trade. The most prominent building of the ensemble is the so-called Humpis House, whose builder, however, was probably Wilhelm von Neidegg, who was related by marriage to the Humpis. Two slightly projecting half-timbered floors and a steeply pitched hipped roof rise above the plastered base.” via 

You can visit this museum free of charge – feel free to donate some cash – from Spring to Fall. Its open every Saturday from 10 am till 2 pm, however, they also offer courses and group activities such as paper making, writing courses or textile workshops. Check out their website for what’s on offer: 

Museum Humpishaus Ravensburg
Address: Humpisstrasse 5, 88212 Ravensburg, Germany
Opening hours: Saturday 10 am – 2 pm

stones in a medieval residential house in Ravensburg 1383 blog joydellavita
stones in a medieval residential house in Ravensburg 1383

Humpishaus Humpisstrasse 5 Ravensburg blog joydellavita

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