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the TOP Travel Blog Posts of 2021 on JoyDellaVita

Another year has passed, another year of most-loved blogposts by you. In those kind of blogposts, which I usually always publish at the beginning of a new year, I’m highlighting, once again, all the most-read blogposts of the past year. In the annual “my travel year” blogposts, which I published in late December of 2021, I shared an insight into all my travels in the past year. Not that much, due to Corona. But staying healthy and safe is just a priority! The worldwide pandemic has still put a lot on hold, and even though few to most areas have (briefly) opened up again, one should not take this as an opportunity to go to mass gatherings. In another blogpost I gave an insight on how I plan to travel in 2022 as a travel blogger. My focus will definitely be more local-based. Which, as a nice side effect, is also more sustainable! Yay for the planet you guys!
But without further rambling, find here below the most-read travel blog posts of 2021 here on JoyDellaVita. I also want to take the opportunity and wish all of you a very happy, healthy and successful new year 2022. May all your dreams and resolutions come true!

most-read travel blogposts on JoyDellaVita in 2021

  1. Burger King Germany Price list / Menu
  2. Menu on board Deutsche Bahn Trains in Germany (ICE Bordgastronomie / dining car)
  3. Costs to send a Postcard from Italy abroad
  4. McDonalds Price List / Menu in Italy
  5. Mc Donald’s Germany Price list / Menu
  6. Where to park your car in Como near Lake Como / City Centre
  7. Grilled Cheese Animal Style – Veggie Burger at In-N-Out Los Angeles
  8. Costs to send a Postcard from the USA to Europe
  9. Review: Fjällräven Kanken Sling small travel bag
  10. What to do if WiFi in a german ICE train does not work/does not connect to your device
  11. Review: PRIMARK Suitcase in Size M
  12. Current Vegetarian Food Options at McDonalds Italy
  13. What does the purple emoji 🟣 mean on Twitter? (purple dot, ball)
  14. How to watch Instagram Stories absolutely anonymous 👻
  15. Taste Test: Burger King Germany Vegan Nuggets
  16. Burger King Skopje North Macedonia Menu & Prices
  17. Big Vegan TS – I have tried the vegan McDonalds Burger in Germany and that’s how I liked it
  18. Vueling On Board Prices / Pricelist Food & Drinks
  19. Website to calculate 15 km radius from your place of residence (measure to contain coronavirus in Germany)
  20. RyanAir On Board Prices (In-Flight Pricelist Food & Drinks)
  21. Day Pack for Hiking Review: Osprey Daylite Waist fanny-pack
  22. What language is spoken in Lugano?
  23. What to know before your first flight with Wizz Air
  24. Prices to rent a pedalo boat in Lugano – What’s the price of a motor boat on Lake Lugano
  25. The best locations for Carspotting in Monaco / where to find all the chic, fast and expensive cars in Monte Carlo
  26. Qatar Airways Flight Review: Munich – Doha (Economy Class) | Boeing 787 Dreamliner
  27. Where to park your car near Padua City Centre / Parcheggio Padova Centro
  28. How to write a letter to Queen Elizabeth II., the Queen of the United Kingdom
  29. Shuttle bus from Train Station Gare TGV Aix-en-Provence to Aix City Centre
  30. Breakfast at W Hotel Barcelona – BRAVO24 Restaurant by Carles Abellán

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