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Why you should rather bypass those “most Instagrammed Islands”

Instagram nowadays is an indicator of popularity. In an instant you can see by the followers count of an Account, how popular this person or company is. But Instagram can also be used to determine the popularity of places and regions. Berlin-based travel startup Tourlane made use of this. In a recent study, they determined the 50 Most Popular Islands on Instagram. A selling point for some, this can also be a drawback. If you prefer over-populated but trendy places, the ones on the top of this list should be your go-to for any future travel. If you prefer a more tranquil holiday, the latter ones on the list might be more your jam.

Top 50 most Instagrammed Islands

For this rating, the digital travel agency specialized in personalized travel, Tourlane, only considered islands that are not sovereign nations. Hence, this list won’t include Iceland or New Zealand, but the Spanish Balearic islands.

Top 50 most Instagrammed Islands Tourlane

all 3 images via / cover image courtesy of JoyDellaVita, Lunch at Cotton Beach Club Ibiza.

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