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Pizzeria Central in Vilpian, South Tyrol

Pizzeria Central is a highlight in Vilpian, South Tyrol. In this small cozy town right in between Merano and Bolzano, there is not much to be found. Some Hotels, a train station connecting to both said cities, and lots of nature. And, Pizzeria Central. A lively hotspot for both locals and tourists. Vilpian, or Vilpiano in Italian, is a great place to stay if you are eager to explore both Merano and Bolzano, for example for famous Trautmannsdorff Garden or the famous Bolzano market.

Pizza for Dinner in Vilpian

Pizzeria Central Vilpian is a local institution. Not only do they offer tasty food and refreshing drinks, they are also focussed on offering locally sourced produce. You can definitely taste the quality of South Tyrol!

For our dinner in Vilpian, we of course opted for Pizza. Where else to enjoy Pizza, if not in Italy? Among their vast options of Pizza toppings, I went for a healthy one. Veggies and feta cheese on tomato sauce. A stellar combination that tasted very good and fresh. A definite recommendation! For a glimpse of what other dishes and Pizza toppings they offer, check out the website linked below.

If you can, secure yourself a table outside at Pizzeria Central to enjoy the warm Italian sun whilst enjoying delicious food. You won’t regret it! Even though service was a bit slow during our visit, but the restaurant in- and outside was fully occupied, so this was definitely the reason, but only after we received our food and wanted to pay, I can definitely recommend this Restaurant in Vilpian, South Tyrol.

Pizzeria Central
Address: Meraner Str., 40/A, 39018 Vilpiano, Südtirol, Italy

Pizzeria Central Vilpian
a Pizza in South Tyrol, at Pizzeria Central Vilpian

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