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Mr. Haz Taco Bar: recommended Tacos in Amsterdam’s Jordaan

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Amsterdam, a city renowned for its vibrant culture and diverse culinary landscape, constantly surprises with hidden gems waiting to be discovered. In the trendy Jordaan neighbourhood, just a stone’s throw from the iconic Anne Frank Huis, lies Mr Haz Taco Bar, a culinary haven that beckons diners to immerse themselves in the flavours of Mexico. The artistically crafted interior, imagined by the eponymous Mr. Haz, sets the stage for a memorable dining experience that encapsulates the essence of Mexican cuisine. This cosy taco bar opens its doors six days a week, welcoming visitors from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. for a delightful journey through homemade Mexican flavours.

Artistry and Homemade Excellence blend at Mr Haz Taco Bar

Before delving into the menu, it’s essential to highlight a key aspect that distinguishes Mr. Haz Taco Bar: everything is homemade. From the tortillas that cradle the fillings to the pickled onions that add a zesty kick, every element of your meal is crafted with care and precision in-house. This commitment to crafting homemade components adds a special touch to the dining experience, elevating it to a level of freshness and flavour that’s truly exceptional.

For our early dinner at Mr Haz Taco Bar, following a day filled with sightseeing in Amsterdam, my partner and I decided to keep it simple yet satisfying. We opted for a Pacifico beer and a classic Coca-Cola to quench our thirst before embarking on our culinary journey. You might also be interested in other Amsterdam Restaurant Reviews.

Nachos and Tantalizing Tacos at Mr. Haz Taco Bar in Amsterdams Jordaan

To commence our feast, we chose the Guacamole Nachos, priced at 11.50€. This appetizer featured “Tortilla chips with guacamole, oven-roasted tomatoes, feta, pickled red onion, coriander, and pomegranate seeds“. From the very first bite, it was clear that these nachos were something special. They exuded an unparalleled freshness as if they had been prepared just moments before being served. The toppings were generously and evenly spread across the nachos, ensuring a harmonious blend of flavours and textures in every bite. It was a heavenly start to our dining experience, setting the bar high for what was to follow.

Shortly after savouring our nachos, our eagerly awaited soft-shell tacos arrived. The menu at Mr. Haz Taco Bar offers pricing for two or three tacos of your choice, encouraging diners to mix and match to their heart’s content. We decided to embrace the “chef’s choice” option, selecting three different tacos each. The menu offers a diverse range, including 2 Fish Tacos, 2 Vegetarian Tacos, 3 Meat Tacos, and 4 Vegan Tacos, along with the option to choose from 7 vegan/veggie sides.

My partner wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity and ordered one of each of the three available meat tacos: Grilled Steak, Jerk Chicken, and Yucatan Pulled Pork. As a vegetarian, I embarked on a culinary adventure through the fish, vegetarian, and vegan options: Baja Taco, Frijoles Negros Taco, and a No Chicken Mild Taco.

From the moment these tacos arrived at our table, it was evident that Mr Haz Taco Bar takes immense pride in presentation and taste. Each taco was a masterpiece, showcasing the skilful fusion of flavours and textures. The individual sauces served to enhance the overall experience, elevating the taste profile of each taco. While it’s difficult to choose a favourite, the Baja Taco, featuring “Battered cod fish, red cabbage, avocado-tomatillo salsa, cumin-lime crema & pickled red onion“, left an indelible mark on my taste buds.

Review: Dinner at Mr. Haz Taco Bar Amsterdam

Mr. Haz Taco Bar in Amsterdam is a culinary gem that transcends expectations, offering a delectable journey through the vibrant flavours of Mexico. The dedication to homemade excellence shines through in every bite, making each dish a testament to the artistry and authenticity of Mexican cuisine. The warm and friendly service, guided by the attentive owner, creates an inviting atmosphere for solo diners, couples, and groups of friends or family. Whether you’re seeking drinks and nachos, a sweet treat to end the evening, or a full-fledged dinner experience, Mr. Haz Taco Bar extends a warm welcome to all. It’s a testament to the magic that happens when passion meets cuisine and a must-visit destination for anyone in search of tantalizing tacos in the heart of Amsterdam.

Mr Haz Taco Bar
Address: Egelantiersstraat 24, 1015 PM, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 17:00 with the kitchen open until 22:00
Social Media: Instagram @mrhaz_tacobar TikTok @mr.haztacobar

Mr. Haz Taco Bar Egelantiersstraat 24, 1015 PM, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mr. Haz Taco Bar Egelantiersstraat 24, 1015 PM, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Disclaimer: I was invited to this dinner in exchange for a review. My opinion has not been influenced nor did I have to send the content in prior to publication. My view is unbiased.

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