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Shopping and Supermarkets at Napoli Centrale train station in Naples

What kind of shopping options do travellers have at Napoli Centrale train station? The Italian city of Naples is not only known for its stunning coastline and historical sights but also for its vibrant urban life and culture. If you find yourself in Naples, Napoli Centrale train station is the ideal starting point to explore the city. But what if you’re out and about and urgently need to do some shopping? Don’t worry, this article will help you find the best supermarkets and shopping near Napoli Centrale train station.

Variety and quality nearby: Supermarkets at Napoli Centrale Train Station

When you arrive in a new city, one of your first priorities is often to stock up on drinks, food and other necessities. Fortunately, there are a number of supermarkets at Napoli Centrale train station that offer a wide range of products and services.

  1. Conad

If you’re looking for a quick shopping option, Conad is a great option. This supermarket offers a range of reasonably priced products and is known for its convenient location. You’ll find everything from fresh bread to snacks and drinks for when you’re on the go. The supermarket is directly attached to the station building. When you leave the station through the main entrance, follow the road to the left and you will immediately find the Napoli Centrale Station Supermarket.

  1. Mini Mix Napoli

If you are not a fan of supermarkets and prefer to shop in owner-operated shops, walk a little further. You will soon reach an equally popular supermarket just a short walk from the station,
Mini Mix Napoli. Here you can stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables, and snacks.

Shopping options away from the supermarkets at Napoli Centrale station

Apart from the supermarkets, there are other great shopping options at Napoli Centrale station that can meet your needs.

  1. Galleria Piazza Garibaldi

On your way to the metro, from the station, you will inevitably pass Galleria Piazza Garibaldi. This shopping centre is located below the large square, Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi. Here you will find several shops and shops, such as Yamamay, Camomilla Italia or Cotton & Silk. This is practically still the station area.

  1. The streets away from the station

Dare to explore a bit the big square in front of the station, with its side streets. Naples is a great place to experience Neapolitan coffee culture and enjoy an espresso in cosy cafés. For example, Sfogliatelle calde Attanasio (at the back of the building where you will also find Mcdonald’s; at Google Maps here) is recommended. This bakery is internationally known for its Sfogliatelle, either soft or flaky puff pastry pockets with a sweet ricotta filling.

Shopping and Supermarkets at Napoli Centrale train station

Overall, Napoli Centrale train station in Naples offers a wealth of shopping opportunities, whether for daily needs or unique souvenirs. Whether you are passing through or have chosen Naples as your destination, you can be sure that you will find everything you need to make your trip enjoyable and comfortable. So, head out, explore the shops and enjoy your time in this fascinating city!
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