OPEL COMBO LIFE 2018 Vauxhall Combo

Testing the adventure abilities of the new Opel Combo Life / Vauxhall Combo

When thinking of an “adventure car“, your first thought might not be the Opel Combo / Vauxhall Combo. Granted, the Volkswagen Bullie Bus is, and will forever be, the epitome of a vehicle made to discover the world. Yet, there are plenty of other cars with practical abilities you might not know of. Thanks to the invitation of car manufacturer Opel I was able to discover their newest practical model, the Opel Combo / Vauxhall Combo. It’s not as sexy as the Astra in the sporty motorsports trim, but you know, the inner values count.

55 to 77 hp are available for the Combo, with petrol or gasoline engines. The seat configuration can either offer only two in the front or up to 7 seats in total. Absolutely depending on your needs. Prices for this practical vehicle start at 19.995€ in Germany, and at £ ?? in the UK.

As I’m usually only driving cars on road trips, if I’m not taking a train, it was fun to drive such a commercial car for a change. Opel even organized a road trip for us, with a tour around the countryside near Frankfurt and a stop at a vineyard for an afternoon coffee & cake. The end of August is definitely a lovely time to visit the Rhine-Main area!

Each with captions to describe the individual features, I have shared some impressions of my adventure test drive with the new Opel Combo Life / Vauxhall Combo below. Feel free to comment on my Instagram, if you have any questions (about the car).


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