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Osterlamm – typical german easter cake

by european travelblogger Lisa


Celebrating Easter in Germany is all about spending time with your family and loved ones, as well as enjoying delicious food and embracing the upcoming spring season. Everything in nature starts to bloom and rise again, an ideal time to honour and enjoy life. Depending on each family, the big family gatherings for Easter are either on Easter Sunday or Easter Monday, which are national holidays.

My family always meets up on Easter Monday for lunch in a restaurant followed by coffee time at my aunts. One thing that can’t be missing at the easter coffee time in the afternoon is an Osterlamm. Osterlamm is typical German easter cake, either eaten for breakfast in the morning or in the afternoon with tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Baked in a lamb-shaped mould, this cake is covered thickly in icing sugar (similar to the swiss easter cake), before it’s enjoyed a slice at a time. As a kid the moment the head was separated with a knife has always been the hardest – even though seconds later I had no problem decorating the lamb with red strawberry spread, to mimic blood on both the severed head and the remaining body 😉

There is a long history behind baking easter cakes in the shape of a lamp. Agnus Dei, Lamb of God, is a symbol of Jesus Christ in Christianity since ancient times. The Easter lamb, marked with the banner of victory, it is a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Check out this recipe if you want to bake a German Osterlamm Easter lamb cake as well.

Osterlamm – typical german easter cake
Osterlamm – typical german easter cake
Osterlamm – typical german easter cake

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