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Pancakes at Blinibar Maastricht

by Lisa


Pancakes are a very popular dish in the Netherlands and so I tried a Pancake at Blinibar Maastricht. Even though this sounds like a chain they only have one store in Maastricht, right next to the oldest bridge in Maastricht dating back to the late 13th century, the Sint Servaasbrug (check out the location on the map) and close to Crowne Plaza Hotel Maastricht.

The prices for Pancakes at Blinibar Maastricht are fair, starting at 1,95€ for a natural one. Besides Pancakes in different varieties, salty and sweet, they also offer salads as well as hot and cold drinks. First I’ve chosen a pancake with apples and caramel but then skipped the caramel for some Nutella. The price for the apple-caramel pancake was 3,50€ but in total, I paid 3,95€, for the extra Nutella. As I ordered it for take-away I received it in a warming packaging plus a set of plastic clutters, for no extra fee. There are some seats inside Blinibar Maastricht but as the wather was quite sunny I’ve enjoyed my Apple-Nutella Pancake while wandering along the River Maas – and how was that thing delicious! The apples were cut into small pieces, so they were easy to eat, and luckily there was no single hard piece (you know that, when there are some hard pieces of the apple skin inside..). I’ll definitely eat there again!

Address Blinibar Maastricht

Cörversplein 3
6221 EZ Maastricht
The Netherlands

Apple-Nutella Pancake at Blinibar Maastricht

Blinibar Maastricht

Blinibar Maastricht

Apple-Nutella Pancake at Blinibar Maastricht

Apple-Nutella Pancake at Blinibar Maastricht

Blinibar Maastricht

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