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A Night at SWR3 New Pop Festival 2015 powered by Audi

SWR3 New Pop Festival 2015

It’s a one of a kind event that takes place every year in Baden-Baden, the SWR3 New Pop Festival. Already in its 21st year the Festival again was a full success, for both the visitors and artists. The Festival is way more elegant than regular Festivals, without mud and dozens of liters alcohol, but it is still a blast! It’s yearly organized by the SWR, the Southwest Broadcast in Baden-Württemberg, and it offers a stage to new emerging artists and bands. And eventually they will become as fame and successful as for example german artist Herbert Grönemeyer that was awarded as “Pioneer of Pop” during the “das Special” Event on Saturday evening. The SWR3 New Pop Festival is already powered by Audi in the fifth year in a row, it’s now a fixed event as part of Audi’s cultural engagement as Audi Art Experience.

If you are interested in Tickets for the upcoming New Pop Festival 2016, the Tickets are sold by lot procedure from around June 2016. So make sure to check out the SWR3 Homepage for up-to-date information on the artists and available tickets. It’s already been my third year in a row at New Pop Festival in Baden-Baden and every year it was just a very special but so fun and entertaining event, I really could go there every week if it’d be possible! Besides the Concerts there are public interviews and more on the main stage in front of the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden or a long Shopping Night and more attractions in Baden-Baden. This usually rather “old” town is so lively and active during these few days of the Festival, it’s a must to see it! 😉

SWR3 New Pop Festival 2015: Tove Lo

The last Day of the New Pop Festival 2015 started with the 27-year-old swedish girl Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, better known as Tove Lo. In the past months she already landed a few top chart positions with her Songs “Walking Body” or “Stay High” and during her 1-hours concert I also liked her song “Like em young” a lot. During the whole concert she was moving and shaking all the time, it seemed it was impossible to stop her, like you can see in the Picture below.

Tove Lo

SWR3 New Pop Festival 2015: Das Special

“Das Special” is every year a big Highlight during the Festival. You get so see a huge show with several artists and good entertaining. It will be even on TV, and I’ll definitely watch it again.

The Host, Barbara Schöneberger

Das Special: Silbermond

Silbermond is a german group that has been very successful a few years ago, but soon they will release a new album and one of their new Songs is the following, “leichtes Gepäck”.

Das Special: Hurts

My absolute favorite: the british band Hurts. They performed some of my favorite Songs like “Wonderful Life”, “Stay” and “So kind of heaven”. One that I didn’t know yet was “Rolling Stone”, you can hear some little 15 seconds of it in my following Instagram-Video – it’s exactly that kind of Music I really like.

Hurts Hurts

Das Special: Josef Salvat

What a shame that I didn’t know the australian artist Josef Salvat before, as I’m now listening to his Song “Open Season”, while writing this, for at least the past 30 minutes.. such a catchy tune! Anyway, you probably know his Cover, and first huhe success, of Rihanna’s Song “Diamonds” or his own Song “Hustler”. I’m definitely following him now on Social Media to be one of the first to know when he releases anything new.

Josef Salvat

Das Special: Culcha Candela

As a short-term replacement for Jess Glynne and Matthias Schweighöfer Culcha Candela, a german Band, had the opportunity to perform. As I’m so no fan of their music, and their newest Song “La Bomba, I’m not going to comment them any more. But the crowd seemed to like it as the temperature increased a lot during their performance.

Culcha Candela

“Pioneer of Pop”: Herbert Grönemeyer

Herbert Grönemeyer has been a constant in the german Pop world for the past dozent of years and almost every of his songs and albums were best-sellers. That’s why he was awarded “Pioneer of Pop” during this years festivities, followed by a performance of his best songs from now and then.

Herbert Grönemeyer

SWR3 New Pop Festival 2015: Years & Years

Another Highlight, after Hurts and before Kelvin Jones/Tove Lo, was Years & Years. They performed up from 11:30pm for one hour at the Kurhaus and they definitely understood how to make the people move and dance. What a great end to this years SWR3 New Pop Festival 2015 powered by Audi! I’ll be back, for sure!


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