Panoramic View of Meissen – Climbing the Tower of the Church of Our Lady in Meissen

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You can experience a fantastic view directly from the Old Town from the top of the church tower of the Frauenkirche Meissen. Here the tower walkway is at a height of 42 metres, with an unrestricted all-round view of Meissen and the adjacent Elbe valley. Only 193 steps have to be climbed in the old masonry, past a special porcelain carillon and the large steel bells. The baroque tower dome of the Frauenkirche, as well as the turret flat and the tower walkway, were only built after a fire caused by lightning in 1547. Meissen can easily be reached by train from Dresden.

The cast steel ringing of the Frauenkirche Meißen dates from the mid-1920s and the heaviest bell, the death bell, weighs 2526 kg, with a diameter of 1.882 metres. When climbing the tower, you can get relatively close to the bells, but can you read their inscriptions? It’s worth a try, as the bells are also inscribed on a beam in the tower.
By the way, the 37 white bells of the porcelain carillon are, of course, made of Meissen porcelain and date from 1929, but were restored a few years ago. Thus, they were the world’s first tunable carillon made of Meissen Porcelain®. These special bells are not played every hour or even every quarter of an hour, but only at these specific times:

6.30 a.m. Wake up, the voice calls to us
8.30 am Great God we praise you
11.30 am The heavens praise the Eternal Glory
14.30 We come together to pray
17.30 A Mighty Fortress is Our God
20.30 Praise the Lord, the mighty King

For an entrance fee of only 2 euros per adult, a climb up the tower is absolutely recommended. However, one should not be too affected by a fear of heights, as the ascent leads over many crunching wooden steps.
During my visit to the Frauenkirche Meißen in May 2020, appropriate hygiene precautions were already in place. Only one person/family could visit the tower at a time. You were given the key to the tower entrance, unlocked the tower automatically, and then locked it again as soon as you were in the tower. As you were completely on your own, you could leave your hand luggage down in the tower and climb up without a jacket, bag etc. Very practical!

Address Frauenkirche Meissen: An der Frauenkirche 1, 01662 Meißen
Opening hours (currently): Wednesday to Sunday, 12 – 17 h each day
Admission fee: Adults 2 €, reduced 1 €

Pictures: Tower climb Frauenkirche Meissen

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