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What does the purple emoji 🟣 mean on Twitter? (purple dot, ball)

Anyone who has been on Twitter in recent weeks has certainly seen one or two accounts with a purple dot in their account name. But what does this purple emoji 🟣 mean on Twitter? It is usually found right at the beginning of a user name, but should not be confused with the red dot emojis, which also stand for the NoCovid movement. However, the purple ball emoji on Twitter stands for Twitter Spaces. A simple way to show that you can host Twitter Spaces. Currently, Twitter Spaces is still in the testing phase, in beta, but will soon be unlocked for all users. The purple dots may then be superfluous on Twitter, but many will certainly keep them. Others also use a purple heart at the beginning of their username, as seen here on my account, to express my purple love for the Twitter Spaces functionality and its stellar community. This has since been adopted by other users.
The purple dot emojis actually don’t come from Twitter, or the Twitter Spaces team themselves, but from one of the very first beta users, Mr. Dre aka @MrDre_. He had launched this “sign of identification” back then when Spaces was still in Beta.

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