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Thai Restaurant near RAI Amsterdam – Chutima’s Thai Food House Review

Nestled in the southern part of the city, near the RAI convention centre, lies Chutima’s Thai Food House, a hidden gem that promises to transport your taste buds to the heart of Thailand. Our recent dinner experience at this cosy Thai restaurant left us with a memorable impression of authentic flavours and warm hospitality. Amsterdam, a city known for its vibrant food scene, offers a myriad of culinary adventures waiting to be explored. Check out all recent Amsterdam Restaurant Reviews from budget to exquisite.

A Culinary Symphony of Flavors

Our culinary journey at Chutima’s Thai Food House commenced with a shared starter, the Poh Pia Thod Tjee (vegetarian) priced at 4.75€, featuring five perfectly fried spring rolls. Each bite of these crispy delights revealed a tantalizing combination of vegetables and spices, setting the tone for the gastronomic adventure that awaited us.

For our main courses, we opted for two distinct dishes that showcased the rich diversity of Thai cuisine:

Kai Ma Muang Prik Phau – 16.50€: This delightful dish featured succulent chicken cooked with cashew nuts, onions, and an assortment of vegetables, all enveloped in a special Thai sambal. The harmonious blend of textures and flavours, coupled with the subtle heat of the sambal, made this dish an instant favourite.

Phad Thai Vegetarian – 16.00€: This classic Thai noodle dish, prepared with finesse, was a vegetarian’s delight. The stir-fried noodles, accompanied by vegetables, exuded the distinct Thai flavours we had been craving. To our delight, we were presented with two different condiments to elevate our dining experience – a dry chilli spice powder for the rice dish and a sweet-spicy sauce for the noodles. These condiments added an extra layer of depth to our meal, showcasing the attention to detail at Chutima’s Thai Food House.

Service and Timing

While the flavours at Chutima’s Thai Food House were undoubtedly a highlight of our evening, the service left room for improvement. The staff were friendly and attentive, creating a welcoming atmosphere. However, the waiting times were notably lengthy. We had chosen to sit in a cosy, secluded area of the restaurant, away from the small main dining area, which had just under a dozen tables.

Our main dishes took nearly an hour to arrive, and after we had finished, we waited for more than 25 minutes to request the bill and have our table cleared. This extended waiting time was less than satisfying, especially after the culinary delight we had experienced. While the food at Chutima’s Thai Food House is undoubtedly worth the wait, it’s advisable to plan for a leisurely dining experience and ensure you have ample time to savour the flavours without feeling rushed.

Chutima’s Thai Food House Review: A Thai Culinary Journey near RAI in Amsterdam

Chutima’s Thai Food House near RAI in Amsterdam offers a tantalizing journey into the heart of Thai cuisine. The dishes are thoughtfully prepared, bursting with authentic flavours, and accompanied by condiments that allow you to tailor the spice level to your liking. While the service was friendly, the waiting times can be lengthy, so it’s best to visit when you have the luxury of time to fully savour the culinary delights this hidden gem has to offer. For those seeking an authentic Thai dining experience in Amsterdam, Chutima’s Thai Food House is well worth the visit.

Chutima’s Thai Food House
Address: Scheldestraat 112, 1078 GP Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 16:30–22:00, closed on Tuesdays

Chutima’s Thai Food House Amsterdam
Chutima’s Thai Food House

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