Soltau Salt Museum and the connection between Soltau and salt

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What exactly is the connection between Soltau in northern Germany, and salt? At first sight, as a tourist in the Lüneburg Heath, you might not easily come across the connection between the city ​​of Soltau and the famous seasoning salt. But the term sole will quickly lead you to the connection between salt and Soltau (has the word Sole more or less in its name). It is therefore not surprising that there is a salt museum in Soltau. Anyhow, almost more of a local museum, the Soltauer Salz Museum is situated near the Soltau (Han) train station.

People have settled in the vicinity of the Soltau salt spring since around 3000 BC. The city later was first mentioned in 936, as well as the salt spring as the name-giver for the city of Soltau as well as the river Soltau, which flows past the salt spring. In addition to the local history, the Soltau Salt Museum also provides information about the importance of salt and its use in general. As a mean of payment, preservative for such things for animal skins, as well as a raw material for the chemical industry. The museum is divided into two buildings/properties, one with a vintage fountain house, a historical boiling hut and a graduation tower. According to the museum, the entire museum area is barrier-free.

Address Soltau Salt Museum: Bahnhofstraße 6, 29614 Soltau
Opening days/times: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

historical salt scale at the salt museum in Soltau
historical salt scale at the salt museum in Soltau


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