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New: Plant Based Nuggets – Burger King Germany expands its meat-free range

Zero Chicken, but 100% delicious: With the Plant-based* Nuggets, BURGER KING®in Germany is continuing its collaboration with The Vegetarian Butcher and is bringing a crispy new meat alternative fresh to German restaurants . In addition to the plant-based ** WHOPPER®, there is now also an additional option for the crispy KING nuggets without any meat. BURGER KING ® is reacting to the constant trend towards a conscious diet and a growing number of guests who are increasingly relying on plant-based products. From September 2020 on, guests and fans can choose the meat-free nuggets in all participating restaurants, true to the motto “Make your KING”.

They look like the original and taste like the original, but do not require any chicken at all: The new meat-free plant-based * nuggets from BURGER KING® are in no way inferior to the original in terms of taste and offer guests a tasty, plant-based alternative to the KING nuggets. The typical golden, crispy breading made of deep-fried batter envelops the delicate soy-based nuggets, which stand for a particularly crispy taste experience.

With this second plant-based product, which BURGER KING® launched within a year of the introduction of the Plant-based ** WHOPPER® , guests now have even more options to decide: Whether nuggets or WHOPPER® with meat or without is up to you , according to the principle of “Make your KING”. BURGER KING® offers a range of vegan dips to go with the plant-based nuggets : whether classic with ketchup, spicy with BBQ sauce or fruity with the Sweet & Sour Dip – with the versatile sauces, guests can choose the Plant-based * nuggets according to their needs combine your own taste.

The two partners are very happy about the renewed cooperation. Hugo Verkuil, CEO of The Vegetarian Butcher, says: “We are delighted to be expanding our collaboration with our colleagues at BURGER KING® and have jointly created a product that we are sure the guests will love! The nuggets are soft and meat-like on the inside, crispy and golden on the outside and offer a delicious vegetable-based alternative for all meat lovers who want to reduce their meat consumption. ”

“In order to be able to offer guests and fans a very special taste experience, BURGER KING® has worked intensively on product development and has brought in The Vegetarian Butcher as a strong partner who represents the same quality standards as BURGER KING®,” explains Klaus Schmäing , Director Marketing at BURGER KING Deutschland GmbH. “With the Plant-based * Nuggets, we are expanding the range of plant-based alternatives on the market. BURGER KING® is the first to offer its guests the opportunity to try meat-free chicken. Of course, nobody has to do without the crispy taste experience as with the original: In this case, ‘without meat’ means with maximum taste, ” continues Schmäing.

The Plant-based * nuggets will be available in all restaurants in Germany from September to offer guests and fans another meat-free alternative.

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*Vegetable based poultry alternative

**Vegetable-based meat alternative (patty), mayonnaise contains egg

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