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Sweet potato fries in Hamburg near the train station

Sweet potato fries have gotten a decent boost in popularity over the past few years. It is almost en vogue to prefer the orange fries to the classic white and yellow fries. And which northern German city could best be associated with being en vogue – exactly, of course, the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. I have not yet been able to test whether those are actually the best sweet potato fries in Hamburg due to a lack of comparisons, but the sweet potato fries from Hans im Glück Hamburg are worth every visit.

Due to the ideal location of the HANS IM GLÜCK Burgergrill & Bar on Brandsende Strasse, you can visit the restaurant during a shopping trip as well as a longer transfer in Hamburg, or on the way to/from Hamburg main station Hauptbahnhof or even Hamburg Dammtor station. If you only want a quick snack, but not a sandwich from the bakery for takeaway, why not just go for fries, a quick snack in a restaurant. The sweet potato fries from Hans im Glück are offered as a smaller side dish (with approx. 449 kcal per serving, without dips), as well as a larger portion of one pound sweet potato fries with around 1250 kcal per serving. Four complimentary Hans im Glück sauces are available on the tables, one of which is ketchup, mayonnaise, a vegan BBQ sauce and an orange-mustard sauce. Of which the latter definitely is my absolute favourite. Here you can freely help yourself or order special sauces such as 3-pepper sauce, avocado cream or Parmesan and Camembert sauce to accompany your meal of fries only.
If you are unsure and want to enjoy sweet potato fries for the first time, you can also order a mixed portion of fries, a portion of both regular potato fries mixed with sweet potato fries. Whatever you are going for, as long as it has fries in its name its definitely more than an ideal snack. Add a refreshing drink and the meal is more than satisfactory. Now you will be fueled for another eventful day in Hamburg City, or continue your travel by train from Hamburg Main Station. You can see what else is on offer at Hans im Glück Brandsende here in the restaurant’s menu if you maybe want a salad or a burger as a side to your sweet potato fries in Hamburg.

Address HANS IM GLÜCK Burgergrill & Bar Hamburg Brandsende near the main train station: Brandsende 6-10, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
Opening times : Sunday – Thursday 12pm – 10pm, Friday & Saturday 12pm – 11pm

Sweet potato fries with four different dips and a refreshing drink
Sweet potato fries by Hans im Glück Hamburg near the main station
ketchup, mayonnaise, vegan BBQ and orange-mustard sauce hans im glueck dips
ketchup, mayonnaise, vegan BBQ and orange-mustard sauce

Restaurant Wood Interior Hamburg City

Hans im Glück, Brandsende 6-10, 20095 Hamburg

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