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Train connections from Soltau railway station in Lower Saxony

If you decide to spend your holiday in Soltau in Lower Saxony, you already have plenty of things to do locally and in the region. Hiking in the Lüneburg Heath, the Heidepark amusement park, the Designer Outlet Soltau, the Soltau thermal baths or, for example, the go-kart track or going skiing in the indoor ski slope in Bispingen. If you want to travel to larger cities in Lower Saxony, it’s recommended to taking the train from the local railway station in Soltau (Han). Trains depart from Soltau every hour or so. Below is an overview of the most popular cities that can be reached from Soltau station. There is a free Park&Ride car park right near the railway station with a limited number of parking spaces. Alternatively, most local buses in Soltau do, of course, also stop at Soltau Bahnhof Train Station. For an even more eco-friendly mode of transport.

These trains depart from Soltau station

By train from Soltau to Hamburg

There is no direct train from Soltau to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, but you will have to change trains in either Hamburg-Harburg or Buchholz (Nordheide) and can travel from Soltau to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof in a total of 1:20 hours at best. Trains usually leave Soltau every hour, each 1 minute after the hour.

By train from Soltau to Bremen

The erixx regional train runs directly from Soltau to Bremen without a change of trains. The journey takes 1:01 hours. The train usually departs every two hours, and 13 minutes after the hour. In Bremen, you can again change into other trains, such as ones to Bremerhaven.

By train from Soltau to Hanover

In contrast to Hamburg, the Erixx regional train runs directly from Soltau to Hanover without changing trains. The journey time is 1 hour and 9 minutes, and trains run hourly. The southbound departure is always at 59, 1 minute before the hour. From Hanover, you can change to other Trains wich direct connections Berlin, Wolfsburg, Braunschweig or even Amsterdam (just 4:10 h from Hanover).

By train from Soltau to Celle

To get from Soltau to Celle, you have to change trains. First, you leave Soltau at 5 minutes past the hour, travel to the terminus of the erixx train to Uelzen, and then take the Metronom to Celle. The total journey time is 1 hour and 41 minutes, departing from Soltau every 2 hours.

For other connections to and from Soltau, it is advisable to obtain information directly from Deutsche Bahn, via the app, the DB Navigator, or via their website. On DB you will also find information about any delays or other recommended alternative connections.

all the Train connections arrivals/departs at Soltau Bahnhof
all the Train connections arrivals/departs at Soltau Bahnhof

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