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The 5 Best Croissants in Paris according to Leslie Stephens

Check out this blog post for the 5 Best Croissants in Paris, according to fellow foodie Leslie Stephens. She is a Portland-based writer, editor, counselor. You might know her from her previous jobs at Food52 or Cupcakes and Cashmere, or from her regular Newsletter Morning Person. Even if you just come across her Instagram Account with the handle name @LeslieStephens, you will soon notice what a colorful and enchanting character she is. She loves to share things she loves, but also things she struggles and works on, on her Social Media Presence. Nowadays, most is shared in her Newsletter for paid subscribers though. Some time ago, during yet another Trip to Paris, she was on the hunt for the Best Croissants in Paris. She definitely called it a science task, judging the flaky baked goods by standardized criteria. She shared this Review more than 205 weeks ago in her saved Insta Stories in her profile tab, you can check it out anytime in her profile to re-watch it.

How Leslie Stephens concludes: the 5 Best Croissants in Paris

In her research she actually taste-tested 6 Croissants in Paris, but here for you the 5 Best Croissants in Paris by Leslie Stephens:

5: Pain Du Sucre – website – on google maps
4: Tout Autour du Pain – website – on google maps
3: Mireille – website – on google maps
2: Le Boulanger de la tour – website – on google maps
1: Du pain et des Idees – website – on google maps


What was the best Croissant YOU have tasted in Paris? Let me know on Instagram at @lisa_joydellavita

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