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Tiramisu in Imola by GIOELIA Cremeria


Tiramisu to go/for take away in Imola is available from GIOELIA, formerly known as Emilia Cremeria. GIOELIA Cremeria is an Italian patisserie/confectionery chain with numerous branches almost everywhere in Italy (click for an overview of all departments, international). At GIOELIA you can be safe of always getting something delicious in identical quality. During my visit to Imola, the long walk from the train station to the three race driver monuments, as well as to the museum, I craved a dessert for take away. And a coffee in the afternoon is often more than appropriate anyway. Therefore, the choice between the many delicacies, gelato, brioche, cakes, felt quite easy. Tiramisu. However to go, so to take away. Armed with a small plastic ice cream spoon, I was able to enjoy my little tiramisu bicchierini glass made from Semifredo ice cream on the go. The highlight at GIOELIA, the container for the dessert is included in the price / can be kept. I already have a glass cappuccino cup from GIOELIA Cremeria in Pompei, and now I have a small glass from Imola. Great holiday memories that you can really use. I can absolutely recommend GIOELIA!

Address formerly Emilia Cremeria / now new GIOELIA Cremeria Imola: Via Appia, 42, 40026 Imola BO, Italy

Tiramisu Imola GIOELIA Cremeria travel blog joydellavita


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