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  • Café Delifrance Zaandam

    Café Delifrance Zaandam

    During heavy Shopping-Marathons, you often need a little pick-up in between. An ice-cream, a quick coffee or a delicious cake. Or everything together. When I went to Zaandam for a quick visit, how beautiful is the Architecture!?, I haven’t done heavy shopping but I wanted to eat something before my early afternoon flight from Amsterdam […]

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  • Travel Diary: 1 hour in Zaandam

    Travel Diary: 1 hour in Zaandam

    If you have one hour in Zaandam, what would you do? Well, what I did was to admire the world famous Inntelhotels Hotel in Zaandam, go a little shopping and having a snack at Cafe. So, that’s the short form of my little over one Hour in Zaandam. But first, something about Zaandam and why […]

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