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Traditional vegetarian Austrian dishes you should try during your next holiday in Austria

Austria is known for its rich and hearty cuisine, which often features meat as a main ingredient. However, many traditional vegetarian dishes in Austrian cuisine are both delicious and satisfying. Although traditional Austrian cuisine may be known for its meat-based dishes, many vegetarian options are just as delicious and satisfying. Käsespätzle, Knödel, Palatschinken, Marillenknödel and Kaiserschmarrn are just a few examples of traditional vegetarian Austrian foods that are worth trying on your next holiday in Austria.

Traditional vegetarian Austrian dishes worth any culinary experience

The Austrian cuisine offers many meat-free options, that are authentically vegetarian and hence not weirdly adapted to be meat-free. Here are some examples of traditional vegetarian Austrian eats:

Käsespätzle is a popular dish in Austria that is similar to macaroni and cheese. It’s made with soft egg noodles called spätzle, mixed with grated cheese, onions, and butter. It’s often served with a side salad, potato salad or apple sauce. They are also known as Käseknöpfle.

Knödel, also known as dumplings, are a staple in Austrian cuisine. There are many variations of knödel, but most are made with bread, milk, and eggs. They can be served as a side dish or as a main course with vegetarian gravy.

Erdäpfelgulasch is a vegetarian version of the traditional Austrian beef goulash. It’s made with potatoes, onions, paprika, and other vegetables, and is often served with bread or dumplings.

Palatschinken are thin, crepe-like pancakes that are popular in Austria. They can be served sweet or savoury, and are often filled with fruit, jam, or ice cream or quark.

Marillenknödel are a sweet dumpling made with apricots. The dumplings are made with a dough that is wrapped around a whole apricot and then boiled. They are often served with a dusting of powdered sugar and a side of vanilla sauce.

Tiroler Gröstl
Tiroler Gröstl is a dish from the Tyrol region of Austria that is made with potatoes, onions, and cheese. It’s often served with a fried egg on top.

Kaiserschmarrn is a dessert that is similar to shredded pancakes. It’s made with eggs, flour, and sugar, and is often served with fruit compote or a side of vanilla sauce.

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