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Travel Dictionary Macedonian – English (for travel to North Macedonia)

Do you already know what hello means in Macedonian? Or how to say thank you? When travelling abroad, it is always handy to know at least a few words or phrases in the local language. Although English is taught as a second language in schools in numerous countries, this is still not the case everywhere. And of course, not everyone in the world speaks a second or third language equally well. Therefore, here is a small travel dictionary for your trip to North Macedonia. Skopje and Ohrid are the most popular destinations in the country. The official language in North Macedonia is Macedonian, one of the Slavic languages, written in Cyrillic letters (Serbian Cyrillic letters), which is rather difficult to read for the inexperienced.
By the way, besides in North Macedonia, Macedonian is also spoken in Albania, Bulgaria and Greece. So you will definitely have a second chance to speak Macedonian, or at least understand fractions of it.

English – Macedonian (useful words and phrases for Skopje/North Macedonia)

The Basics:
Hello – Zdravo (здраво)
Good morning – Dobro utro (добро утро)
Good afternoon – Dobar den (добар ден)
Good evening – Dobrovecer (добровечер)
Good night – Dobra nok (добра ноќ)
Goodbye – Prijatno (пријатно)
Please – Molam (молам)
Thanks – Blagodaram (благодарам)

Yes – Da (да)
No – Ne (не)
Open – Otvoreno (отворено)
Closed – Zatvoreno (затворено)
Push – Turkay (туркај)
Pull – Vlechi (влечи)
Entrance – Vlez (влез)
Exit – Izlez (излез)
Left – Levo (лево)
Right – Desno (десно)
Straight – Pravo (право)
Expensive – Skapo (Скапо)
Cheap – Evtino (евтино)
Good – Dobro (добро)
Excellent – Odlichno (одлично)
Bad – Losho (лошо)
Cold – Ladno (ладно)
Warm – Toplo (топло)
Man – Mazh (маж)
Woman – Zhena (жена)

Today – Denes (денес)
Tomorrow – Utre (утре)
Yesterday – Vchera (вчера)
Monday – Ponedelnik (понеделник)
Tuesday – Vtornik (вторник)
Wednesday – Sreda (среда)
Thursday – Chetvrtok (четврток)
Friday – Petok (петок)
Saturday – Sabota (сабота)
Sunday – Nedela (недела)

One – Eden (еден)
Two – Dva (два)
Three – Tri (три)
Four – Chetiri (четири)
Five – Pet (пет)
Six – Shest (шест)
Seven – Sedum (седум)
Eight – Osum (осум)
Nine – Devet (девет)
Ten – Deset (десет)
Hundred – Sto (сто)
Thousand – Iljada (илјада)

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