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Tutorial: How to eat Ramen (Japanese noodle soup)

How do you eat Ramen, the Japanese noodle soup? Eating a foreign dish for the first time, especially in public, can be quite intimidating. Whether you are about to enjoy your first Ramen Bowl in Japan, or elsewhere in the world, you don’t want to make yourself a fool. Such as you should never eat Spaghetti with a spoon (or cut them with a knife!), there are certain (unspoken) rules about how to eat Ramen. First off, you are definitely not alone in this quest! Luckily, I had super friendly and helpful servers at my first Ramen experience, and I simply asked them. Another tip would be to observe the people around you, and how they are eating their Ramen. But, if they are eating it false (noodles and soup separate), you will just imitate the wrong way of eating ramen. Therefore, I have two videos for you. The first is exactly what you are looking for, a Tutorial on how to eat ramen with a spoon and chopsticks. The second one is a beginner’s guide to Ramen by Toyko Cheapo. Both videos should prepare you adequately for your first Ramen experience. Enjoy!

Video explanation: how to eat and enjoy ramen

Different types of Ramen

To give you a bit more insight into Ramen, there are 5 different types, or flavours, of Ramen. Those are Tonkotsu (豚骨, “pork bone”), Shōyu (醤油, “soy sauce”), Shio (塩, “salt”), Miso (味噌) and Karē (カレー, “curry”). Regarding additional seasonings and toppings, there are literally no limits on how to serve the Ramen. Some of the most common Ramen toppings are boiled eggs, algae and seaweed or dried seaweed (nori), green onion (Negi), corn, beans and sprouts, Tofu, cilantro, chilli, mushrooms, carrots,  as well as different kinds of meat, with the most popular being pork, beef, chicken and fish.

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Featured image via: Ramen Restaurant in Manchester

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