Karren cable car Dornbirn Vorarlberg

Taking the cable car to mountain Karren in Dornbirn Vorarlberg

Mountain Karren in Dornbirn in the Austrian region of Vorarlberg is known for its nice panoramic views and hiking trails. You can’t drive up there by car, you can only use the cable car which runs frequently throughout the day. The day I visited Dornbirn to have Lunch at Karren Panorama Restaurant, was one of the worst of the week (probably even of the month ?). In the morning the sun was out, but then, very quickly, the weather changed. First, we were greeted by rain, followed by not that soft winds later on. Before I went up the cart cableway there was only some rain, so everything seemed fine. The cable-car runs every 15 minutes, summer and winter, and only takes less than 5 minutes to go all the way up to 976 meters above sea level. Return Tickets cost 11.10€ per adult and 5,50€ per Kid, but there are also Combi-Tickets available, including either a breakfast buffet on the weekend or a Lunch for 17€ per Person in the Restaurant. The Karren Panorama Restaurant is the only Restaurant up there, and they don’t even have a little shop or something, so you should definitely bring your own snacks and drinks if you want to go hiking. Instead, they offer free WiFi.

Once you bought your ticket, you have to scan it to proceed to the entrance of the cable-car. Starting from 9 am in summer and 10 am in the winter season, the cars run every 15 minutes. For exact dates, you should check out their website, as linked below.
On usual days, you will be greeted with a stunning view of the Rhinedelta with Lake Constance, Vorarlberg, as well as parts of Switzerland and Germany. Karren is not the only mountain that can be accessed via a cable-car, there are also others like Pfänder (you can either hike, take the cable-car or your own car) which is closer to Lake Constance.

Address: Karren cable-car Dornbirn

Gütlestraße 6
6850 Dornbirn
Tickets: there are combo-tickets available for the ride up/down including either breakfast (23€ per adult) or lunch (starting at 17€)
Website: karren.at (german only)

Pictures: Takin the cable railway to mountain Karren in Dornbirn Vorarlberg

Karren Gütlestraße 6 6850 Dornbirn Austria
Karren Gütlestraße 6 6850 Dornbirn Austria

Karren cable car Dornbirn Vorarlberg

Karren cable car Dornbirn Vorarlberg
Karren cable car in Dornbirn Vorarlberg
Karren-Kante balcony on more than 960 m above sea level in Dornbirn, Austria
Karren-Kante balcony on more than 960 m above sea level in Dornbirn, Austria
Dornbirn in the rain Karren cable car Dornbirn Vorarlberg
Dornbirn in the rain

Karren cable car Dornbirn Vorarlberg

Karren cable car Dornbirn Vorarlberg

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  1. Eileen M Loya

    Oh wow. That balcony view is amazing! I would love to be there, but honestly, I would be on all fours. Haha. But I still wouldn’t pass a chance to see that beautiful view.

  2. I got anxiety just looking at it. Wow you are brave I am sure it was an experience but I couldnt do it!

  3. Absolutely thrilling for the whole experience. Might not suit people who are not so good with heights. Worth giving it a shot!

  4. This looks like a fabulous trip! I’ve never been on anything like this before.

  5. Wow what an experience. You’re so brave. I’m afraid of highs so this would be a big no for me heheh But looks like a load of fun.

  6. Wow….it’s that beautiful from high above? I wanna see it, too. I bet I would spend so much of my money and time up there.

  7. That’s so cool to take a cable car. I love that you were able to do this. What a fun ride and perfect view.

  8. oh my gosh! you’re so high up there!! looks like quite an adventure but i’m not sure my fear of heights would tolerate that open cable car 😉 Thanks for the useful pics.

  9. Oh my goodness, I am so afraid of heights! But the view is breathtaking.

  10. Yikes! I don’t think I could do that. Or rather, I could, but my eyes would be closed the entire time.

  11. Wow, that lookout looks amazing! I’d love to visit.

  12. What a beautiful way to enjoy the view! Except I’m not fond of heights! EEK!

  13. Taking the cable car to Mountain Karren looks like a fun experience. Unfortunately the weather was not good but I can imagine how beautiful and green it is on a sunny day.

  14. Wow that looks absolutely stunning. I love cable car and gondola rides. I went on one in Atlanta awhile ago which was amazing. I need to get over to Europe!

  15. That is an amazing view! I’m sure there are several photo opportunities along the trip. This is an experience my family would enjoy.

  16. Eek, that panoramic view would have given me the creeps! I am so apparaid of hights!
    Glad you enjoyed it though 🙂

  17. Holy moly! Those views are amazing. I’d love to do that one day. Spectacular.

  18. Wow! This looks fun and terrifying at the same time! I’m scared of heights .

  19. So helpful, thank you!

  20. The cable car seems like such a neat way to travel. The views below are so green and lush!

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