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Vegetarian Lunch in Lindau at Großstadt Cafe / Bar / Restaurant

For an excellent meat-free meal in Lindau, you have to visit Großstadt in Lindau Insel. Vegetarian and Vegan food, as permanent options on the menu, that’s often still something new. Luckily Großstadt Lindau knows what the guests want, and offers those options right away. Situated next to small alleyways in the old town of Lindau, near Altes Rathaus (old town hall) and Bismarckplatz, you will spot Großstadt right away. Colourful beach umbrellas for the outside sitting area will guide you your way. As I preferred a slightly windy spot in the shadow, I have chosen a spot on the side of the house. As already written in online reviews, service took a while to notice new customers, but after that, everything went fast (except when you want to pay, for what I went inside after waiting and people already waiting for my table).

As a vegetarian, I always like restaurants offering proper vegetarian meals. Some of the first meals on the menu, that caught my eye, were the bagels. All bagels are served with a salad and homemade chips. This day I’ve chosen the Special Bagel Burger in vegetarian (available with beef, vegetarian and vegan). A bagel with lentil patty, tomato, onions and cheese. Which sounded really nice! By the way, their menu is bilingual available in German and English, online here as well.
Just a brief moment after ordering, my detox water with lime and lemon arrived. What a nice treat on a hot summer day!
Overall, I can definitely recommend Großstadt Cafe / Bar / Restaurant in Lindau on Lindau Island.

Address Cafe Restaurant Bar Großstadt in Lindau Insel: In der Grub 27, 88131 Lindau (Bodensee) Germany

Grossstadt Lindau Chips Bagel Salad Vegetarian Vegan Lunch
Großstadt Lindau, Lindau Insel

Grossstadt Lindau Chips Bagel Salad Vegetarian Vegan Lunch

Grossstadt Lindau Chips Bagel Salad Vegetarian Vegan Lunch
Chips & Salad

Grossstadt Lindau Chips Bagel Salad Vegetarian Vegan Lunch_07_review joy della vita travel blog

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