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August Macke exhibition at Stadtmuseum Lindau

I didn’t know a bit about August Macke before I visited the exhibition in the Stadtmuseum Lindau, which will be held until the end of this week. But after the public tour of the exhibition space, I really learned to appreciate him and his art. August Macke was a German painter, certainly the most famous/popular painter of 20th-century expressionism. He was born in German Westphalia in 1887 and due to his early death in 1914 in France at the age of 27, during World War I, his creative period was only around 10 years short.
As a ’90s child, I have at least consciously, unfortunately, never noticed anything about his works. As a result, I was really glad to have participated in a public tour in the Stadtmuseum Lindau to learn even more about the artist, and his work.
I can’t show you any pictures of the exhibition August Macke. Flaneur in the Garden of Art. at this point, as, of course, photographing in the Stadtmuseum Lindau is not allowed. All his paintings displayed sparkle in itself, with a perfect blend of vivid colours and literal life in them. So sad he had to die this early, I truly believe he could have developed in this creative life even more.

Public tours of the August Macke exhibition in Lindau am Bodensee are offered twice a day, starting from 10:30 am and from 2 pm onwards. The extra charge is € 3.50, plus the entrance fee of € 8.00 for adults. A truly useful investment, especially if you do not know the artist or exhibition (let alone the museum itself). Further information can be also directly found on the museum’s website:

Exhibition August Macke. Flaneur in the Garden of Art. in the city museum Stadtmuseum Lindau

March 24 to August 26, 2018, daily 10am – 6pm
Address: Stadtmuseum Lindau Cavazzen, Marktplatz 6, 88131 Lindau (Bodensee) Germany

entrance fees
Adults 8 euros
Families 16 euros
Pupils and students 3,50 Euro
Children up to 6 years free

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