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Visa requirements for North Macedonia (not yet part of EU)

Even though North Macedonia is a country in the continent of Europe, it’s not (yet) part of the EU, the European Union. Therefore, travelling to North Macedonia is not that easy, compared to travelling within the European Union or Schengen area. 

Do you need a visa for North Macedonia?

Before visiting foreign countries, you often have to apply for a visa or eVisa, before even departing to that country. For example, you have to do that, in Australia or the USA. Luckily, it’s easier to visit North Macedonia, especially as a citizen of the European Union. With an EU-passport you won’t need to file for a visa beforehand.

Arrival process to North Macedonia at the border control

Similar to arrivals to other foreign countries, even such as the United Kingdom, you have to pass a passport control at the border. This usually happens right after arriving in the country, such as at the airport. After you have disembarked your aeroplane, you have to follow the signs at the airport in the direction of the exit/baggage. There you will pass the border control. As you are granted a free visitor visa, as a European citizen, you will be checked by an actual person (I didn’t receive a stamp in your passport though). Your free visitor visa will be granted for 90 days.

In my case, having arrived at Skopje Airport, it only took me roughly 15 minutes from deboarding the plane, to passing security and leaving the airport terminal to greet my pre-booked driver to the city. It’s definitely not a long process, however, depends on how early or late you leave your plane, and therefore on how many people are in front of you in the queue at border control. In my case, as I was one of the last to deboard, it took a bit longer as I had to queue. 

Overall, arriving at the Republic of North Macedonia by plane has been an absolutely smooth experience. However, keep in mind you will need an actual passport (as a European citizen), an ID won’t be sufficient. 

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