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online world premiere of the Audi activesphere concept

Audi presents the next and final representative of its family of concept vehicles: the Audi activesphere concept. In this way, the brand with the four rings is illustrating its vision for the progressive luxury of the mobility of the future, as well as providing another glimpse of tomorrow’s Audi Design. The Audi activesphere concept will offer maximum flexibility for active lifestyles – both on-road and off-road. The world premiere of the electric crossover coupé will take place on January 26, 2023, as part of a digital event.

The ideal companion for ambitious outdoor adventures, the Audi activesphere concept offers drivers ultimate freedom. Look forward to tackling a wide range of activities, including water sports, skiing, golf, or challenging mountain driving – all in a car that can take you anywhere.

The activesphere concept will be presented virtually at the “Celebration of Progress” on January 26, 2023, which begins at 7 PM CET. At the event, Head of Audi Brand Henrik Wenders and Head of Audi Design Marc Lichte will explain how the Audi models of tomorrow will become personal companions. While Senior Design Director Gael Buzyn offers some insight into the design of the latest member of the revolutionary sphere family of concept cars, Sid Odedra, Head of UI/UX Design, will discuss how the personalized operating concept and completely novel digital ecosystem will optimize drivers’ active lifestyle.

activesphere concept marks the culmination of a quartet of sphere concepts
The activesphere concept is the fourth model in a family of concept vehicles that Audi began unveiling in August of 2021. They all share the electric drive system and are systematically designed to enable autonomous driving. This technical blueprint results in entirely new designs, especially regarding the interior and the possibility for occupants to use their time productively or simply kick back and enjoy the ride. Taken together, the sphere concept cars illustrate Audi’s vision for the premium mobility of tomorrow.

The world premiere will be broadcast via Audi MediaTV.

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