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Taking the Bus from Feldkirch to Liechtenstein (Vaduz)

by european travelblogger Lisa


From Feldkirch, in Vorarlberg, you can quickly and comfortably get to Liechtenstein by bus. By taking this bus you can travel to almost every city in Liechtenstein. The line 11, with departure directly in front of the station in Feldkirch, drives from Austria across the border, and then once the whole distance in length across Liechtenstein, passing the capital Vaduz, all the way to Sargans in Switzerland. In Sargans there is another good frequented railway station, which connects to Chur or Zurich / Basel. With this one bus line number 11, you can easily travel from Austria through Liechtenstein to Switzerland.

How to take the Bus to Liechtenstein

It is fairly easy to take a Bus to Liechtenstein. But also very important, as there is no train station within the country, anymore. You just have to take a Bus in Liechtenstein. And let me tell you, they have mastered their public transportation system. Liechtenstein, Europe’s fourthsmallest country by surface area & population, has double-decker buses in use. This Line 11, running from Austria all the way through Lechtenstein to Switzerland, runs every thirty minutes. Fairly impressive!

Regarding the exact timetable and running times,  there is a bus timetable on-site in the forecourt of Feldkirch station. Of course the timetables are also available online. You can find the timetable of Liechtenstein Bus Line 11 online here. As well as an overview of all their bus lines and connections here.

Liechtenstein Bus Lines

Liechtenstein Bus Lines / via www.liemobil.li

Where to buy your bus ticket to Liechtenstein

The easiest option to buy your bus ticket to Liechtenstein, will be inside the bus. The ticket can be paid directly in front at the bus driver. Another option would be via your smartphone via the app FAIRTIQ. It is available in many cities, regions and german-speaking countries. Once you have installed and set the App up, before your trip, just swipe before boarding when getting on the bus, then swipe again when exiting, and you are precisely charged the distance travelled. The app will measure your location and the duration of your trip, and calculate the exact and best ticket option for you. How innovative!
You can also use the SBB Mobile App, by the Swiss federal railway, to purchase tickets for Buses in Liechtenstein.

On the other hand, paying in cash directly to the driver is also a good option. Especially if you have just arrived in Feldkirch and want to travel to Liechtenstein for the first time.

You might also be interested in my articles about the country of Liechtenstein, to learn more about what to see, do and eat in this tiny country, officially the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Bus Feldkirch Liechtenstein Travelblog

Inside the Bus from Feldkirch towards Sargans, Liechtenstein

crossing the border between Austria and Liechtenstein in a public bus

crossing the border between Austria and Liechtenstein in a public bus

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