360 degree video tour of Frauenkirche Dresden including the climb to the dome

dresden frauenkirche

Have you ever climbed the dome of Frauenkirche in Dresden? Travel is currently rather restricted. Not only that you partially cannot travel to foreign countries, but also that many sights and attractions cannot (yet) open to a rush of tourists. Fortunately, there is the internet. In the following video you can enjoy a tour of the Church of Our Lady Frauenkirche Dresden, including climbing the dome to the roof over the city ​​center of Dresden . The video is a 360 ° video, it is advisable to watch this either in the official YouTube app or on a computer. Because you can move around freely in the video, i.e. turn your head (screen) to the left or right to discover more. Just as if you were walking around Dresden Frauenkirche yourself.


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