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Taste Test: Burger King Germany Vegan Nuggets

As announced one week earlier, Burger King Germany has launched a new vegan product. Starting from September 1st, the new plant-based Nuggets will be available at all branches in Germany. The vegan “Chicken” Nuggets aren’t an own product by Burger King though, they are sourced from “the coolest dutch brand”, THE VEGETARIAN BUTCHER, now part of Unilever. The plant-based nuggets are available as a pack of 6 or 9 pieces, individually only (no menu-combination possible). Of course, I had to immediately taste-test the new plant-based Burger King Nuggets. Read here how I liked them.

Burger King plant-based Nuggets Review

My opinion about the new plant-based Nuggets by Burger King is complicated. After having stopped eating meat more than 10 years ago, I have never missed eating meat ever since. I’m happy with veggies and the occasional Falafel or Halloumi. Due to limited availabilities for constant meat-free options at McD, I have always preferred Burger King in Germany ever since. Besides their truly tasty vegetarian Burgers (Country King and Halloumi King), they also constantly offer Onion Rings as well as chilli cheese nuggets as snacks, besides their King Fries. Wherever I am in Germany, I can be sure to enjoy some fast and meat-free options at Burger King Germany.

Back in 2019, Burger King Germany launched the plant-based Rebel Whopper. And now another plant-based product in the carnivore Home of the Whopper, what an interesting development. The world is changing to a more environmentally-friendly approach, meat-free products are a universal great start. However, plant-based does not always align with “healthy”. According to the manufacturer, The Vegetarian Butcher, the plant-based Burger King Nuggets (or Vegan NOCHICKEN Nuggets) contain “soy structure” (water, soy protein), as well as cornflakes, corn and rice flour as well as sunflower and rapeseed oil, as well as natural flavourings and starch/modified starch. Read here the full ingredient list.

When ordering the new plant-based Nuggets at any Burger King in Germany, you will be asked if you’d prefer 6 or 9 pieces. The price for the smaller portion is 3,50 €, and 4,50 € for the bigger one. Luckily Burger King does also offer vegan dips, so I went with Barbeque along with my plant-based (not vegan!) nuggets. The reason they are only labelled “plant-based” and not “vegan”? Simply because they are prepared along with non-vegan products (fried in the same oil as the regular chicken-based King Nuggets, for example). The product itself is vegan, just the way of preparation not.
But now, finally, let’s talk about the taste test: astonishingly, yes, they taste just like real chicken nuggets. If you do eat meat but want to cut back on your meat consumption or eat more environmentally-friendly, the plant-based nuggets are your new go-to-snack. However, as I do not want to eat meat, I did not like those chicken-free nuggets. The taste was just too similar… so I ended up snacking only the crispy coating of the nuggets, dipping them in my vegan BBQ-Dip. Quite wastefull, and thus I won’t order them again.

plant based nuggets burger king vegetarian butcher travel blog joydellavita
6 pieces of Burger King plant based nuggets
plant based nuggets burger king vegetarian butcher travel blog joydellavita
taking a bit off the plant based Burger King Nuggets sourced by The Vegetarian Butcher

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