Public Transport in Canberra, Australia

Everything takes only 10 minutes in Canberra. Just getting from A to B, or crossing the City once, the car ride literally takes just 10 minutes. That’s definitely the advantage of a rather small city size, travel times are short and usually, there isn’t too much traffic. Canberra isn’t a hyper-modern city, Australia’s capital city […]

Public Transport in Liverpool

Liverpool is an ideal City for a Getaway or even just a Day Trip from Manchester. But walking all over the City? The Albert Dock with its TATE Art Museum and Beetles Story area easily reachable by Foot from the Central Train Station, however, to explore more of Liverpool you might want to use Public […]

(Free) Public Transport in Manchester

Getting around Manchester is super convenient with Public Transport. May it be by Train, Bus or Metroshuttle, there are many ways to reach your destination. What both surprised, and impressed, me the most are the free Metroshuttle Buses in Manchester. They run daily, feature free WiFi and are completely free of charge. Everyone can hop […]

Public Transport in Stuttgart, Germany

When travelling I always use public transport, as it’s usually cheaper than rental cars or Taxicabs. Public Transport in Stuttgart is very convenient and reliable and I always like to take any public train or bus in Stuttgart. Stations for trains or buses are all over and the City and to date there has never […]

Where to go Shopping in Adelaide, South Australia

If you want to go shopping in Adelaide, South Australia, there are a few areas you definitely shouldn’t miss! The cities major shopping area is Rundle Mall, conveniently located and near parking spaces and public transport stops. From Restaurants to individually owned shops to big chains and Malls with supermarkets, you can almost find anything […]