How to get from Pisa Airport to Pisa City / Pisa train station in 2024

How you can get from Pisa Airport to Pisa City? Find here an easy guide on how to travel between Pisa Airport and the City Centre of Pisa to its train station. Arriving at Pisa Airport will feel so Italian. It’s a rather smaller airport, which has emerged as a hub for budget airlines in recent times. Hence it will be a high probability that you will fly into beautiful Pisa, when you are on a budget, on a European trip to Tuscany. But even though Pisa isn’t a large city, the public transportation system is quite well developed. For transportation to and from the Airport, from the city centre or train station, is an easy system. Read here how you can easily travel between the Airport and the centre of Pisa.

How to get from Pisa Airport to Pisa City – taking Pisa Mover from Airport to Train station / City Centre and vice versa

The shuttle service in Pisa for seamless transportation to and from the Airport is called Pisa Mover. It basically is a people mover with one stop in between the start and end destination. Pisa Mover operates seven days a week, each from 6 am to midnight. Another stop is Pisa city centre at the train station, a large car park, and finally Pisa Airport. The travel time from the city to the airport is just 5 minutes. The brief stop at the car park in between literally takes no time at all according to the scheduled timetable. This car park is recommended if you are in Italy with a car, and want to park it near the airport for a departure or greetings visit.

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Prices and where to buy Pisa Mover Tickets

The price per ride and per person is 5€, for a return ticket you are charged 10€. The price is valid for everyone.
You can’t buy your Pisa Mover Tickets at the driver but at designated machines at each station. To save time on your return journey it’s recommended to already buy a return ticket. This is valid for one ride in the other direction within a period of 30 days. You can find more current information on the website of Pisa Mover:
Here you can find a picture of what a Pisa Mover Ticket Machine looks like. The language settings of the self-serving machine switch between Italian, English, German, Spanish and French. Otherwise, as there are no other options than just buying tickets for Pisa Mover, the interface is easy to operate and you can travel fast from Pisa Airport to Pisa City Centre.

My experience – Pisa Mover Review – is it worth it?

Pisa Mover is totally worth it if you want to conventionally travel in between Pisa Airport and the city centre/Pisa train station for your onward journey. The price of just 5 € per person is great, and definitely lower and faster compared to taking a Taxi in Pisa. Even if you have big luggage, there are storage areas onboard the Pisa Mover.

How to easily get from Pisa Airport to Pisa City

However, Pisa International Airport is only a mere 1.5 km away from Pisa Train Station and around 2 km from Pisa City Centre, or about 3 km from the famous leaning tower. If you don’t have much luggage or small children, it’s recommended to just walk and save the bucks.
As I arrived on a budget airline flight to Pisa, we weren’t the only ones making use of the free option to reach Pisa, lots of groups of people marched along with us towards the city. From there you can either walk to the famous Leaning Tower (about 3 km from the airport) or continue your journey from the train station. There are frequent direct trains to Livorno and Florence from Pisa train station. So, walking from Pisa Airport to Pisa City is absolutely worthwhile.

Pisa Mover from Pisa Airport to Pisa City

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