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Is everything closed on April 25 in Italy? (public holiday)

by european travelblogger Lisa


April 25 is a public holiday in Italy. On one hand, it’s known as Feast of Saint Mark, but it’s also the day that marks and celebrates the anniversary of the liberation of Italy from the Nazi occupation in World War II in 1945 and the end of the fascist regime. The Italian official name for this day is Anniversario della liberazione d’Italia, but also known as Festa della liberazione, anniversario della Resistenza, 25 aprile.

To celebrate this important event, it’s an annual public holiday in Italy on April 25th. As usually on public holidays, (almost) everything remains closed. Even Restaurants, supermarkets, shops, factories and public attractions will be shut down that day, and also public transportation such as buses run on the limited Sunday / holiday schedule. The latter is definitely something to keep in mind when travelling to and in Italy on the 25th of April. This day often also marks the “holiday week” common among workers and companies in Italy. As May 1st is just around the corner, many use those two non-working days for an extended holiday period. Which can also result in temporarily closed shops or even cafes/restaurants.
However, if something is closed, or not, depends individually on the business. It’s definitely advised to check restaurants and museums/attractions for special opening hours. So, in general, it’s hard to say if everything closed on April 25th in Italy, on this public holiday, but mostly everything is. Another thing to keep in mind regarding the holiday on 25. April is that the remaining open institutions will be busier than usual as almost everyone has a day off and more free time for activities.

Another public holidays that fall in the holiday period is Festa della Repubblica on June 22 and Ferragosto on August 15.

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