2000 km European Road Trip Travel Diary with a Skoda Octavia RS

Read how I visited Lake Constance, Maienfeld, Lake Como, Stuttgart Airport & Bilbao and GTI Meeting Wörthersee all in one week. 2014 still feels like it was just yesterday, or, maybe the day before yesterday. However, as the foreseeable future will still be with hurdles regarding new travels and discoveries, I am taking this as an opportunity to finally share all the unshared content from previous years. Since I started Blogging back in 2011, officially (a few soon again deleted Blogspot blogs emerged in 2010), I have accumulated multiple months of unshared content. As my main Blog, Hyyperlic.com is older than this English language travel blog, I have actually already shared most of this content over there, but not here in English. So, let’s relive past travels. Starting randomly, this “blasts from the pasts” starts with a massive 2000 km Road Trip across central Europe I took back in 2014 within just seven days, aged 21. Back then I received a press test car by Skoda, a flashing green Octavia RS, which I took to Lake Como, to Stuttgart Airport, and to Wörthersee for the annual GTI Meeting, and again back home to Lake Constance. Every single one of the more than 2000 kilometres was a blast, so here the Travel Diary for this #2000kmOctaviaRSRoadtrip

Travel Roadtrip Diary of my 2000 km in one week in central Europe

Day 1: Roadtrip from Lake Constance to Lake Como via Maienfeld in Switzerland

The Day started by navigating straight from my home at Lake Constance to Maienfeld in Switzerland. If you are not German speaking, or from Japan, you might not know about this book and movie and my reasoning for visiting Maienfeld – what a pity! Heidi is a children’s book by author Johanna Spyri first published in 1880. In the following blog posts, I have written more about Heididorf and how to travel to Maienfeld in Graubünden. Make sure to check out the embedded video to discover “the Heidi House” Museum.

Blog Posts:

  • how to travel to Maienfeld for Heididorf by Train / public transport
  • how far is Heididorf Maienfeld from Zurich and how to travel in between
  • Where to park your car at Heididorf // the best Heididorf parking in Maienfeld, Switzerland
  • Heidi themed Hiking Routes in Maienfeld, Graubünden, Switzerland
  • at the Heididorf Museum in Maienfeld – where Heidi and Geissenpeter lived
  • Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Heididorf Maienfeld
  • Driving in Switzerland – Autobahn Toll Fees – what you should know before your trip

After discovering more about Heidi and the circumstances of her life (in the book and movies), it was time to continue the Road Trip towards Italy. From Maienfeld it is only some mere 194 km to Como in Italy. On this Road Trip, I have, again, stayed at the Best Western Hotel near the Como S. Giovanni Train Station, also very close to the city centre of Como City on Como Lake. Make sure to read the following Blog Posts about my first and only evening in Italy on this Roadtrip.

Blog Posts:


Day 2: Concorso d’ Eleganza 2014 in Cernobbio, and Road Trip back to Germany

I’m not a person that plans lots of downtimes when travelling, so on Day 2 the morning and midday was reserved for the main reason for this Road Trip to Italy, before heading back home to Germany. THE classic and vintage car event of the year, Concorso d’Eleganza hosted by BMW Group at the most beautiful hotel property. It’s only roughly 295 km or around 3.5 hours from Villa d’Este at Lake Como to Lake Constance, definitely manageable for a 21-year-old in a 220 PS car in the afternoon after an inspiring day 🙂

Blog Posts of this Day:

  • Concorso d’Eleganza 2014 Pictures and Videos


Day 3 & 5: Driving to Stuttgart Airport, to fly to Bilbao, and staying at Stuttgart Airport Hotel

As my local Airport at Lake Constance, Friedrichshafen or FDH, does not serve too many destinations, I had to travel to Stuttgart Airport in order to fly to Bilbao. With a press test car such as the Skoda Octavia RS, I definitely skipped waking up extra early to catch the first train of the day, and went on a 200 km road trip to Stuttgart Airport. If you are unfamiliar with driving on the Autobahn or motorway in Germany, the Autobahn A81 used to be mostly without speed limits. Therefore I can tell you the maximum speed the Octavia RS can do is just under 250 km/h, tested by yours truly. In Bilbao I went to test drive the, back then, brand new BMW X4 and 4-series, on this Blog I have only written about the Hotel I have stayed at so far. As the plane from Bilbao to Stuttgart was quite delayed I decided to spontaneously stay overnight at the Mövenpick Airport Hotel, to rest, instead of starting to drive 200 km home at midnight.

Blog Posts for those Days:

Day 6 & 7: Road Trip to southern Austria for the annual GTI Meeting at Wörthersee

If you have owned a Volkswagen or preferably even a GTI model, you will probably have already heard of the annual GTI Meeting held in Velden at Wörthersee. Back in 2014, Skoda invited me to join them for this invigorating event, to explore this spectacle once myself. For sure I needed an adequate car to drive to Wörthersee, hence why I received this press test car in the first place. After more than 2000 km across Europe, I can definitely say I have missed the Octavia RS of the then third-generation Octavia ever since. It has been more than a reliable car, which allowed me to drive both fasts as well as fuel-saving (The first day I arrived with an average consumption of 4.8 l/100km in Como after 300 km driven). The Octavia is also spacious with so many clever, or “simply clever” details in and outside the car. The driver assistance systems also allowed me to travel seamlessly and even after 2000 driven kilometres in just one week, I have never felt any aching muscle or had a hurting back. Now an overview of the final blog posts.

Final Blogposts:

  • Staying at Seepark Hotel Wörthersee
  • why you should visit GTI Meeting Wörthersee
  • How to travel to Wörthersee in Austria (by public transport)
  • at GTI Meeting Wörthersee in 2014 with Skoda


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