A visit to Markthalle Stuttgart

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A visit to Markthalle Stuttgart


The historic market hall Markthalle Stuttgart recently celebrated its 100 year anniversary. Markthalle Stuttgart is an important institution for the City as it offers a variety of good quality products and foreign delicacies.  The architecture of the market hall is Art Nouvea and it was built from 1911, and first opened in January 1914. During World War II the building was heavily damaged but rebuilt in 1953. It’s said that on the same ground there have been markets already since the 13th century. So Markthalle Stuttgart is definitely a place with lots of history to visit.

Nowadays the market hall Markthalle Stuttgart is home to over 35 merchants and three gastronomies on two floors. You can buy there everything from fresh fish, international wines, local bakery products and local breed meat, sweets and decoration articles. The prices are in general in the upper segment. It was really fun wandering the alleys of the market, discovering what is offered in the stalls. Probably the only thing that was missing, in my opinion, was some easy shopping-music in thr background, to make my time there more enjoyable. Even though I was willing to buy and try some things (the fruit looked so tasty and the walnut filled dates will most definitely taste so good, too) I haven’t bought anything as I didn’t want to carry my goods around Stuttgart and 2,5h in the Train back home. But I’ll be back at the Markt Hall, trying as much Food as my tummy can cope with. Shop Eat till you drop.

Address Markthalle Stuttgart 

Dorotheenstraße 4
70173 Stuttgart
U-Bahn Station: Charlottenplatz

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 6:30 pm
Saturday: 7 am to 5 pm

Pictures of my visit to market hall Markthalle Stuttgart 

Market Hall Markthalle Stuttgart

Market Hall Markthalle Stuttgart
100 years Market Hall Markthalle Stuttgart
Market Hall Markthalle Stuttgart
Market Hall Markthalle Stuttgart
Market Hall Markthalle Stuttgart
Market Hall Markthalle Stuttgart


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  • This Place looks beautiful! My Boyfriend wants to visit Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, now I know a Place where I’ll go instead! 🙂

  • The Popcorn look so cool 😀

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