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ZEISS DriveSafe Glasses for Night Drives

Why you should wear Zeiss DriveSafe Glasses during your next Roadtrip

by european travelblogger Lisa


Yes, Roadtrips are fun. Endless Roads, endless places to visit and everything you need is somewhere with you in the Car. Either a Roadtrip to some Beaches (from Liguria, Cote d’Azure down to Barcelona ..), through beautiful Country (dreaming of Ireland’s countryside right now..) or everything at once. During Roadtrips you spent a lot of time in the Car. Either you swap the place behind the steering wheel now and then or one is the elected Driver of the whole Trip.

But being a Driver means also a lot of responsibility – for the passengers and the Car itself. Driving Security is very important, I already talked about that, but the best and newest Car can’t help you with one specific thing either. The sight of the Driver. Sure, nowadays the Xenon-, LED- and upcoming Laserlight is damn bright and bring a lot of security, but what if the Driver can’t see very well at night? Not every road is illuminated during nighttime and do you know that when you are blinded by the light of an oncoming car? This is a security factor that needs to be resolved. And ZEISS, in cooperation with the FKFS in Stuttgart, found a Resolution! The Zeiss DriveSafe Glasses, for daily use.

The Zeiss DriveSafe Glasses support you in three ways. Through their coating they provide you with a better vision in low-light conditions for safer and more comfortable driving, they reduce glare at night from oncoming cars or street lights and you have the same clear visibility for the road, dashboard, rear-view mirror and side mirrors. But for sure they also work for biking or pedestrians, as they are made for daily use.

To find a local Zeiss Dealer, and to learn more about the DriveSafe Glasses, head to the Zeiss Homepage. And probably the best thing about the glasses is that they are not more expensive as regular glasses, but they improve security!

Do you already use specific glasses for driving, or are interested in some?

Christian Danner ZEISS Drive Safe

Christian Danner wears ZEISS Drive Safe

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