Public Transport in Stuttgart, Germany

When travelling I always use public transport, as it’s usually cheaper than rental cars or Taxicabs. Public Transport in Stuttgart is very convenient and reliable and I always like to take any public train or bus in Stuttgart. Stations for trains or buses are all over the City and to date there has never been any Place I could not reach with public mobility in Stuttgart. During Rush-Hours they can be very crowded, but in what City they are not? Read here about the possibilities of Public Transport in Stuttgart and the best prices.

Public Transport in Stuttgart

U- und S-Bahn

The Underground lines connect the City without causing visible traffic or emissions. The Stuttgart light rail system, the Stuttgart Stadtbahn, runs underground in the city centre and connects the urban area of Stuttgart. The stations are marked with ‘U’-signs that stand for Unabhängig (independent), not for the underground. The Stuttgart suburban railway system Stuttgart S-Bahn connects nearby towns. To look up their times I can highly recommend the App ‘DB Bahn’ by the national Deutsche Bahn AG. Fortunately, you can check Trains all over Europe via their App (I used it during my ItalRail Trip in Italy this past summer). Prices for public transport in Stuttgart are based on zones. If you have planned to use the trains a lot I can recommend a Day Ticket as it saves money.


Buses can be found in Stuttgart for sure as well. The Prices are the same with the U- and S-Bahn in Stuttgart. More Information can be found on their website.


As Stuttgart is the Home of Daimler (Mercedes-Benz and Smart) you often find their Products rolled out in Stuttgart first. Such as Car2Go, and the Carsharing with little smart-Cars. Just download their App, for iOS, Android or Windows Phone, and with activated location service, you immediately see where and how many Cars are available for rent. At the Train Station, at the Stuttgart Airport or close to your Hotel, you find Car2Go Cars all over the City.
But before using Car2Go for the first time you have to register and get your driver’s license validated. More about this process can be found on the Car2Go website.

Smart Carsharing with Car2Go--  smart car2go Stuttgart Travel Blog JoyDellaVita
Smart Carsharing with Car2Go


Moovel is an App by Daimlthat er, offers and compares different types of mobility. For example, you just arrived at the Airport in Stuttgart and you want to go to the Schlossplatz in the city centre. The possibilities you know are a Taxi or maybe an S-Bahn Train. But when does the Public Transport depart or how much is a Taxi? The Moovel Android- and iOS-App can answer that! Just type in your current location and your destination and it evaluates all the possible mobilities. Split into time and prices you can easily choose your preferred type of public transport/ mobility. And, you can even book and pay your Taxi, rental Bike or Train ticket via the App.


As in other German Cities, UBER is forbidden in Stuttgart. Another App for Services is “MyTaxi“, doing the same thing but with normal Taxi-Cars and no black Limousines. Or just check the Moovel App.

smart Picture via my smart eD Test Drive during the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

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