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Aegean Airlines Review: Flight from Frankfurt to Heraklion/ Crete – Trip Report

by european travelblogger Lisa


My very first Flight with Aegean Airlines was from Frankfurt to Heraklion on Crete. With a departure time at 7:05 pm, you arrive in Heraklion at 11:05 pm, due to a 1-hour time zone change. Arriving at a destination late in the evening gives you a head start on a full first day, and the possibility to board a flight after a workday saves you time and days off your holiday budget as well. For more Information on the Airline, baggage rules and On-Board Service, I will write about Things to know before your first Flight with Aegean Airlines soon.
As Aegean Airlines is part of the Star Alliance flights depart at Terminal 1 in Frankfurt, also known as the Lufthansa Terminal at FFM Airport. If you are lucky to have gained a Status with Star Alliance, no matter if it’s with TAP Portugal, Swiss, Turkish Airlines or Lufthansa, you are able to receive all the privileges you are used to from your main airline. Like fast-lane security check, lounge access or priority boarding if you hold a Gold Card or are a HON Circle member. Before my first flight with Aegean, I was enjoying a refreshing drink in the Business Class Lounge above Gate A26, as the Gate of my Flight was A40. After some irritations with the amount of delay for my A3431 Flight from Frankfurt to Heraklion Airport N. Kazantzakis, boarding started just a few minutes after the planned boarding time, due to the late arrival of the Plane to Frankfurt.

Boarding with Aegean Airlines started with the last rows first, to ensure a smooth boarding process. Once the boarding process was finished a crew member walked around and offered every passenger a Caramelle out of a basket. Service on Board my first Aegean Airlines started in a great way! The late arrival of another passenger to the plane delayed everything again and we took off at 7:53 pm, with the initial departure time of 7:00 pm.
Just 5 minutes later the ‘fasten seatbelt signs’ were turned off, meaning you could use your headphones again and walk around if necessary. This is also when the Crew started to prepare the meals. Nowadays rather rarely, there is a hot meal served for every passenger on board. No soggy sandwiches or cookies. A hot meal and drinks are complimentary for Aegean Airlines Guests, even in Economy Class! Less than 30 minutes after departure in Frankfurt Meal Service started, and the special meals were distributed first. Until 48 hours prior the flight you can book one of the various special meals on this website. As I neither eat fish or meat I pre-ordered a Vegetarian meal. My Vegetarian Ovo-Lacto meal consisted of a bread roll with margarine, a hot dish (Pasta in tomato sauce with black olives), salty crackers and a fruit salad (each a melon, orange and blood orange slice). Wow, I felt like travelling in Business Class, while still sitting in Aegean Airlines Economy Class! Of course, every passenger was offered a drink as well, anything from Water to Coca-Cola to Beer or Wine was available. After meal service was finished the Crew again offered either a Cup of Tea or Coffee, after collecting the trays.
On my particular Flight from Frankfurt to Heraklion Airport on Crete was now a remaining flight time of 1,5 hours after meal and drinks service ended. For entertainment, you can read the blue magazine by Aegean & Olympic Air or follow the program on the foldable screens. On my flight they displayed image videos of various regions of Greece, making me now really want to travel to Athens.

With a slight delay of almost 30 minutes we, finally, touched ground on Crete at 11:25 pm local time, 10:25 pm german time in Frankfurt. Besides the delay, my first Flight Experience with Aegean Airlines was overall positive and I will definitely fly again with the Greek Airline. What I loved the most about my Flight with Aegean was the friendly service and how much you receive on board, starting with a bonbon after boarding, the Hot Meal and the drinks/hot drinks, all complimentary for everyone. Big thumbs up!

Pictures of my Flight with Aegean Airlines from Frankfurt to Herklion/ Crete

Aegean Airline Review Flight Frankfurt Heraklion Crete JoyDellaVita

On Board Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airline Review Flight Frankfurt Heraklion Crete JoyDellaVita

Aegean Airline Review Flight Frankfurt Heraklion Crete JoyDellaVita

Bonbons for every passenger right after boarding ended

Aegean Airline Review Flight Frankfurt Heraklion Crete JoyDellaVita

Aegean Airline Review Flight Frankfurt Heraklion Crete JoyDellaVita

Aegean Airlines Special Meal Vegetarian Ovo Lacto JoyDellaVita

Aegean Airlines Special Meal: Vegetarian Ovo Lacto

I was invited on this flight during my #LREGreece Trip, this did not affect my opinion.

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