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Recipe: Dakos (ντάκος) from Crete, Greece


During several Lunches and Dinners on the Island of Crete in Greece, I enjoyed one specific meal very often: Dakos/ ntakos (Greek: ντάκος). This dish usually served as an appetiser or as part of several mezze, reminded me a lot of the Coca Bread I know from the spanish cuisine. Basically, it’s a bread topped with tomatoes, and as on Crete known, topped with crumbled cheese and seasonings. A light but still utterly delicious meal, that is easy to prepare. How easy, read the Recipe below and enjoy this dish from Crete / Greece. Make also sure to read more about my adventures on the Greek Island of Crete.

Ingredients: Koukouvagia / Dakos

How to make Dakos as on Crete, Greece

Dakos are known under several names or nicknames, such as “Koukouvagia” or “Dakakia”, or as an “owl”. The base is always a hard and several times baked bread called Paximadi, make from Barley. Before topping the bread with the Topping mainly made out of Tomatoes, it’s good to moisten the top side of the bread with some water. Not too much, you don’t want it to be too soggy, but it should be easy to eat later.

For the topping, you finely chop at least 1 to 2 tomatoes per bread (totally depending on the size of your bread). Give it in a bowl and mix it with your preferred additional ingredients, such as finely chopped onions, capers, olives and/or garlic. As there are several recipes for Dakos on Crete, as everyone enjoys it differently, it’s totally up to you what you want to add to your own Dakos. Give the tomato mixture now on the Dakos and sprinkle everything with Olive Oil, best would be some from Crete if you have. For example, the region of Sitia has some really nice Olives and Olive Oil. Make sure the bread stands straight on your plate and give now a good amount of crumbled feta cheese on top. Sprinkle some Oregano on Top, also some salt, and another smaller amount of Olive Oil.

Before serving you should wait a bit until the Olive Oil and the juice of the tomatoes have moistened the bread even more. You can now enjoy your homemade Dakos with some Greek Salad or other delicacies from the Greek Island of Crete. Enjoy!

Meat-free vegetarian plate with 2 Dakos, fried Zucchini and Dolmades (tender vine leaves stuffed with rice and fresh herbs) Crete Greece JoyDellaVita
Meat-free vegetarian plate with 2 Dakos, fried Zucchini and Dolmades (tender vine leaves stuffed with rice and fresh herbs)


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