Airport Bus from Skopje City to Skopje Airport

Airport Bus from Skopje City to Skopje Airport

The bus from the center of Skopje to the airport departs just a few hundred meters from the famous „Macedonia“ Square. The bus stop is across the street from the Holiday Inn Hotel. On the street, a blue “Airoport Bus” sign draws attention to the bus stop. Important, on site there is no departure map, information about the provider or even a bus shelter or similar. Therefore, it is recommended to get information about the departure times online in advance and, at best, save a screenshot of it on your cell phone.

Departure of the Airport Bus from Skopje City to Skopje Airport

For the scheduled departure at 13:10, I found myself at the bus stop around 12:55. The bus was already ready, there were also already half a dozen people on the bus. Important here, the bus left already at 13:09 (according to my watch..), so it is recommended to be at the bus stop early, and not just a minute before departure.
The ticket for the trip can be purchased directly from the bus driver for the Airport Bus from Skopje City to Skopje Airport, the price is 180 MKD (~2,92€) per person (the bus driver gives change).
Besides the Holiday Inn, there are two more stops in the city before heading to the airport. The exact departure times, and also the respective arrival time at the airport can be found online here directly at the provider MANOR and on the site of the airport of Skopje.

If you do not fancy yourself taking a bus to the airport, you can also use a taxi chauffeur service, the fixed rate is 20 euros for the drive from the airport to the city and vice versa.




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