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Places with a view in Lugano

Lugano, the pearl on Lake Lugano. This city definitely caught me. The location, the food, the cultural activities, and most importantly, the views. Literally, there is no corner not absolutely picture perfect and worth a quick snapshot. To give you an orientation and guidance, what not to miss while visiting the magnificent city, you’ll find some examples of beautiful places with a view in Lugano down below. If you know any more, please let me know!

Beautiful View from Lugano Train Station

In most cities, train stations are rather ugly buildings in often sketchy areas. But not in Lugano. Once you left the station, you will be greeted by a panoramic view of Lugano. To your left, the houses built in the mountains and valleys, to your front the beautiful Lake.
Before leaving Lugano again, this is definitely the site to visit for a very last second, to soak up in all the magnificence of this place.
view lugano train station

Monte San Salvatore

With a height of 912 meters Monte San Salvatore adjacents to Lugano-Paradiso, a southern part of the city. A funicular from Paradiso connects the city with the summit of the mountain, every day from morning till evening. Not only can you enjoy stunning views from up there, there is also a restaurant and a garden with exotic plants and flowers, Parco San Grato. The mountain is part of the Lepontine Alps and overall a very popular destination, without a doubt.

view monte san salvatore Lugano

Views from the shores of Lugano

During my brief visit to Lugano I, almost, enjoyed the marvellous views from the shores of Lugano the most. Especially from Parco Ciani, with the very photogenic “Gate to the Lake”, the multiple kinds of flowers and plants, and the various benches to just relax and enjoy. Definitely, a nice tip to enjoy stunning views in Lugano, and rest.

view lake Lugano
Lake Lugano

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