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The best Prague Hot Chocolate in Nerudova Prague

by european travelblogger Lisa


The best Prague Hot Chocolate is meant to be found in the street Nerudova, right below Prague Castle. As the Prague Chocolate Cafe & Bistro is located right inside my Hotel, the Design Hotel Neruda Prague, I simply had to try it. The taste of a good hot chocolate should be rich in Cocoa, creamy and easy to drink. So I was really looking forward to try the best one in the wonderful City of Prague in the Czech Republic.

Prague Chocolate Cafe & Bistro is located in the buzzing area below the Prague Castle, you almost can’t miss passing it. Even now in December, the outside sitting area was occupied by a couple (in winter coats, of course). Inside it’s rather a smaller cafe, but we found a place in the breakfast area of the Hotel and sat at the same table we had breakfast earlier. There are mainly vegetarian and vegan foods, like soups, salads or quiches offered, as well as sweet cakes or chocolate fondue. But, I opted for the best thing in town, the Prague Hot Chocolate.

The Prague Hot Chocolate has to be the best one, as it basically is melted chocolate. I immediately wanted to float apples in it or dip Churros, to coat them in this delicious hot melted chocolate. As I’m personally no huge fan of chocolate at all I couldn’t drink the Prague Hot Chocolate right out of the cup, but it was delicious to eat and enjoy it each spoon by spoon. If you like Chocolate I can highly recommend trying this Best Hot Chocolate in Prague at Prague Chocolate Cafe & Bistro inside Design Hotel Neruda.
The price of 59 KČ, about 2 €, per cup, is absolutely reasonable.

Address Prague Chocolate Cafe & Bistro

Prague Chocolate Cafe & Bistro
Nerudova 226/46
Praha 1 118 00
Website: praguechocolatebistro.com

Pictures of the best hot chocolate in Prague

Prague Chocolate Cafe & Bistro

Prague Chocolate Cafe & Bistro

best Prague Hot Chocolate

best Prague Hot Chocolate

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