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Zalando Outlet in Hamburg can truly be found in the best location in town. Established near the elegant Neuer Wall shopping street, the Jungfernsteig and the Inner Alster, the Zalando Outlet is situated ideally for a stroll through downtown Hamburg. Usually, outlet centres can be found in the outskirts of cities, or close to highways, in deserted but also quite convenient locations for customers and lovers of cheap branded fashion and accessories. May it be a product from the previous season, a second choice or a product going out of production, shopping in an outlet is often very beneficial. Sometimes you can really find great bargains, but often also just slightly reduced goods. Granted, this only refers to real outlet centres. But how is it at the Zalando outlet? What is being sold there, and what can you buy in the Zalando Outlet Hamburg?

The Zalando Outlet Hamburg is located at Poststrasse 9, directly on the Bleichenfleet. Covering two floors there is fashion for men (ground floor) and women (first floor). Items are packed tightly on clothing rails by category and then again by size. T-shirts, blouses, blazers, pants, swimwear and more. Unbeatable prices are heavily advertised on boards, but these are only “starting from“-prices, the price of the respective product is on the individual label of the item of clothing or accessory. In the Zalando Outlet, you can mainly find online-shopping returns from online-shopping retailer Zalando like second choice items, or goods that are no longer modern and from past collections. In some products, I was also able to notice minor flaws/blemishes such as dirty material or smaller dissolving seams or other material defects. Or, you are lucky and discover a brand new piece that is just simply no longer “up to date”, but still at a good outlet pricepoint. I can absolutely recommend a visit to the Zalando Outlet Store Hamburg for those who do not suffer from claustrophobic conditions or who are too tidy (the Zalando outlet has been super packed with clothes when I visited; they only allow a certain amount of customers so it hasn’t been too crowded people-wise, but stuff-wise). Maybe you can really find a stellar bargain; after all, the store claims that new products arrive every day. However, if you are looking for a certain product, you will most likely not find it at the Zalando Outlet. However, if you just want to have a look around, or are looking for some jacket or some pair of shoes, you will definitely find something affordable in Hamburg. Or at least some accessories like more timeless bags or sunglasses.

Address Zalando Outlet Store Hamburg: Poststraße 9, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
Opening times : Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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