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Big Vegan TS – I have tried the vegan McDonalds Burger in Germany and that’s how I liked it

Big Vegan TS – McDonald’s is now selling a vegan burger in Germany. Vegan at McDonald’s, that’s quite a revolution. Jumping on the healthy-environmental-positive train, the international burger chain does now offer a product precisely for those. For the flexitarians, for the meat-eaters wanting to try something “better”, but not so much for the already existing vegans or vegetarians. By creating a burger topped with a meat-like patty, including a similar structure and colour, most already meat-free won’t jump out of excitement. Why the need to taste meat, except you, just want to eat less real meat… This revolutionary bloody patty is the Incredible Burger patty by Nestle / Garden Gourmet. Of course, it’s up on you, if you want to support a company like Nestle through buying at McDonald’s, but that’s another story. Back to the actual Big Vegan TS McD is selling in Germany since April 28th.

Replacing the Veggieburger TS, introduced in summer 2016, the Big Vegan TS is an adequately sized burger. Equal to, such as, the Royal TS. Take a regular sesame-seeded bun, place the grilled Incredible Burger Patty on top, followed by two slices of tomato, a generous amount of Lollo Bionda leaf salad, followed by two rings of red onion, to slices of pickled cucumber and finalised by some ketchup and mustard. An all-around vegan burger. The single price for a burger is 3,89€, in a menu with fries and a 0,5l soft drink 7,49€. Quite a hefty price for such an unhealthy meal. Because, even though the Big Vegan TS is meat-free and vegan, it doesn’t make it particularly healthy! White bread and just the slightest signs of veggies and greens, no, there are definitely better fast food alternatives in Germany (speaking of you, BK’s Country Burger!). The newly introduced Incredible Burger Patty by Nestle is meant to mimic real meat and to fit the taste of freshly grilled beef, the vegan patty has a distinctive barbeque taste, one I personally didn’t enjoy.

Overall, the vegan Burger at McDonald’s Germany is definitely revolutionary and a good step in one direction. If it’s the right direction? Only time will tell…

Have you had the chance to try the Big Vegan TS already? What’s your thought?

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