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ibis Budget Hotel near Zurich Airport (just 5 min by public transport) | Review

Conveniently located near Zurich Airport, the ibis budget in Opfikon is an ideal airport hotel in Zurich. Whether a late evening landing, or an early morning departure, or even both, unlike higher priced hotels directly in the city centre or at the airport, the ibis budget Zurich Airport is comparatively inexpensive yet close by. You can reach it best by catching a Tram of the Line 10 or 12 or Bus 501 to the station called Unterriet, which is only 5 minutes from Zurich Airport Tram/Bus Station.
If you have stayed once in an ibis budget Hotel, you will feel right at home as they are all the same. It’s budget, usually, and you get exactly what you pay for. A room with one or two beds, for up to three people, a shower, toilet and air-con. Also, a small “closet” area with a hook and probably a hanger or two. And, that’s it. If you have no other option and want to stay somewhere for cheap in Zurich, Hotel ibis budget Zurich Airport can be recommended. If you want to stay somewhere closer, right at the Airport or in the city centre, there are other, and, better, options. Below some pictures, from multiple stays at the ibis Airport Hotel.

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Address ibis budget Zurich Airport: Flughofstrasse 45, 8152 Opfikon, Switzerland

ibis budget Hotel Room Tour Video

A video of one of my past stays at ibis budget Hamburg, a hotel room tour video of one of their standard hotel rooms.

If the video is not properly displayed, check it out here:

ibis budget Bathroom
ibis budget Bathroom

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