buy one share one – share box on the occasion of the World Food Day 2019

buy one share one – share box on the occasion of the World Food Day 2019

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In this very second, every 9th person on the planet is starving. On the occasion of World Food Day on October 16th german company share launched a share Box. The World Food Day share Box is available for a price of 9,55€ at dm drug stores. Those boxes are a fundraiser for World Food Day, in which the company aims to donate 500,000 meals in total.

dm supports the donation campaign: In the online shop, there are exclusively 1,000 share action boxes available, each with seven nutritional products such as trail mix, granola bars and chocolate bars. With each sold share action box, a person in need receives each one meal for one week. In addition, dm finances the milk chocolate bar in the action box, so as a customer, you only pay for six products, but receive seven products.

Product description: share World Food Day Box
Included in the box are 7 snacks: 2 bars of chocolate, 3 granola bars, 2 nut-fruit mixes. (mine was missing one granola bar..) You can purchase the box online here.

About share

share is a social brand that aims to give everyone access to food, water and hygiene. That’s why every purchased snack donates a portion of food – they call this the 1 + 1 principle.
All their snacks are Organic quality and feature Sustainable packaging in the form of less plastic.

share world hunger day 2019

share world hunger day 2019


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