Shopping at IKEA in Barcelona
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Shopping at IKEA in Barcelona

Would you go to IKEA in Barcelona, if you have just around 3 hours spare time? If yes, welcome to my kind of thinking! Besides that I haven’t had much time, personally, I really enjoy visiting international chains and stores in different countries to see cultural differences and explore new products. So said it happened to me during my previous visit to Barcelona that I attended an Event and between checking in to the Hotel and the start of the shuttles to the event location I had little over three hours. The hotel was located near the Fira area in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and one of the only bigger shops, there is also a shopping centre but I didn’t want to go shopping in general, I discovered that there is an IKEA right on the other side of the street of my hotel. So I packed my purse and phone and went over.

IKEA, worldwide known for its affordable and stylish and complex construction manuals, is also a paradise for every decorating and useless-stuff-I-shouldn’t-have-bought-but-liked-there-so-much stuff. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever visited IKEA before. As in every IKEA I visited before, the party starts on the first floor with entering the exhibition halls and the restaurant right around the corner and clearly visible. It is an early afternoon on a weekday and there are just a few other people around and so I’m right on my way to get something little to eat. Besides the classical K├Âttbullar IKEA in Barcelona also offered Paella and, what I took, Tortitas. They are the Spanish version of pancakes and the portion for 1,50 Euro served me two pieces with some whipped cream for one euro extra. Unfortunately, the lady wasn’t speaking English so we talked with hand-signs and body-language, which lead me to pay more.. typical touristy!
What totally paid off is the unlimited, free and fast WiFi at the whole IKEA in Barcelona! It’s perfect to check e-mails, update social media channels, post pictures of your trip to IKEA on Instagram and lots more. Check out their menu to find all their current offers.

After the little snack, I couldn’t avoid to take some smaller accessories and other useless stuff like a Tray and hangers with me and ended up buying biscuits at the shop after the cash desk area. Overall it was really a great experience to visit IKEA in Barcelona and definitely more valuable than hanging around a hotel room.

Did YOU ever go to an IKEA in a foreign country, or even to IKEA in Barcelona? How was your experience? ­čÖé

Address IKEA in Barcelona

Avenida Gran V├şa, 115-134
08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat
You can also find it in the Map

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Shopping at IKEA in Barcelona


  1. I definitely need to visit IKEA in Barcelona!

  2. Carlotta B.

    Funny xD

  3. Haha, no, I never went to an IKEA abroad xD

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