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Ceasar Salad in Hamburg at Melange

Dine elegantly in Hamburgs posh shopping area, at Melange Hamburg Restaurant. Melange café and restaurant is located right in the heart of Hamburg’s old town, in the Neustadt, directly on the small Alster lake. After a short shopping trip and breathing in the Hamburg air on Jungfernstieg, hunger set in at the stroke of 12 o’clock, as I hadn’t had a very good breakfast yet. So my task was to find a nice and good restaurant or snack bar where I could eat at decent and normal prices and, at best, this establishment would also have an outdoor terrace or a sun-drenched indoor area. OK, well, since I’d only been to Hamburg once before, I knew immediately where to go … of course not! Now I know better, check out all my Hamburg Restaurant Reviews for plenty of food options.

Restaurant nearby Hamburg Rathaus / Hamburg City Area

Strolling along Alter Wall and Rathausplatz, and watching all the pigeons on the waterfront, I intuitively walked back towards Neuer Wall and the shopping mile, and then I spotted a sign for a café and restaurant with an outdoor terrace. Even though the Wiener Schnitzel or the burger didn’t really appeal to me, as a vegetarian, the truffle spaghetti sounded quite tempting. So, I decided to eat there!

I took a seat on a comfortable garden chair in the sun and soon the waiter came to find out what I wanted to drink. And so I sat in the Melange café and restaurant on the Alsterakade and it really felt like spring! The menu of Melange, which is also available online here, really sounds more than promising and delicious. Not only typical German home cooking like Wiener Schnitzel is offered, but also French and Italian specialities. And of course fish, how could it be any different in Hamburg.

You can also enjoy Truffle fries in Hamburg at Atelier F, a Restaurant inspired by both the American and French cuisine.

Ceasar Salad in Hamburg

Only a few minutes after I placed my order, a Caesar salad and truffle fries as a side dish, they arrived. And how delicious the truffle smelled from the fries – wonderful! And the taste – a dream! The Instagram hashtag #alliwantistruffle is so serious… Not only when you’re at Melange, but always and in every restaurant or snack bar, when truffle fries are on the menu, order them. You won’t regret it!
The Ceasar Salad, which consists of romaine lettuce with a homemade Caesar dressing as well as cherry tomatoes, croutons and deliciously shaved Parmesan, also tasted very good. Only the croutons tasted a little to old and stale. I paid a total of €13.90 for a small 0.2l bottle of Mezzo Mix, the Ceasar salad and the truffle fries, back in 2014.

Ceasar Salad with Parmesan and tomatoes
Ceasar Salad Melange Hamburg

Test conclusion Cafe and Restaurant Mélange in Hamburg

The Café and Restaurant Melange in Hamburg is definitely recommendable. The menu offers something for every taste, the service is friendly, fast and at least my dishes were very tasty. The food is also absolutely reasonable in price.
Especially when the sun is shining and the weather is good, it is very nice to sit directly on the Kleine Alster and just enjoy it all.

Address Mélange Cafe Restaurant: Neuer Wall 31, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
Tel.: 040 / 37 50 34 34

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