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Connected Bicycles and the Future of Biking at EUROBIKE 2016

by european travelblogger Lisa


What will riding a bike be like in 5, 10 or 20 Years? At EUROBIKE 2016, the biggest Bicycle Fair in Europe, I got an insight. During a Press Symposium several Experts shared their insight brief and short, keeping everything very interesting with two talk sessions in between.

Up to date, riding a bike is very analog. You have to move your own legs, your muscles and your endurance to keep going. In the meantime small electro engines as used in Pedelecs or eBikes can help you, but you still have to pedal on your own. What the Future of Connected Bicycles and the Future of Biking might look like sounds a little bizarre. Theoretically it’s possible to place neural implants into your Body, that like offers your Brain an insight in how fast you are driving, in what direction you need to go and more. As I said, it sounds totally crazy but in many years this might be possible for every one of us. Something like a Google Glass is too distracting, so why not projecting something directly into your Eyes, to see things you don’t actually see in reality.

But okay, this is really the far future. Already now there are other Options Companies are working on, to create a Smart bike. To make a Bicycle smart you first need to find a way to add knowledge and functionality to it. One of the Speakers at the Connected Bicycles Symposium at EUROBIKE 2016 in Friedrichshafen was the Founder and CEO of COBI. COBI is, as they claim on their website, “The first smart connected biking system”. It’s a ‘holder’ you can attach to any bike, may it be super old or super new. It holds your smartphone and thanks to their App your Phone turns into your ‘smart dashboard’ for biking. Route Navigation, controlling the front- and rear light, a Fitness tracker or it even detects suspicious movements and can start a loud siren in case it’s stolen or moved by someone else. But sure, a system like this has it’s price, starting at 249€ in the basic version.

This might be just too options for Connected Bicycles and the Future of Biking that I learnt at EUROBIKE 2016 in Friedrichshafen. To make a big step forward the Bicycle Producing Companies need to find a way to collaborate and make an effort for the customers and add value.

Connected Bicycles and the Future of Biking at EUROBIKE 2016

COBI Mount for Smart Bikes

Connected Bicycles and the Future of Biking at EUROBIKE 2016

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